Therapist reacts to How Could You Leave Us by NF

I commend you for keeping it together during the entire song, I know it wasn’t easy. I know this because I literally lose my sh*t every time I listen to it.

This song always breaks me

The ads ruin the whole vibes

I grew up with parents who are addicts. Went into foster care for a couple years, parents were able to get clean just long enough to get us back then relapsed again. Now I’m 29 and they’re still out there in full blown addiction. The 2-3 years I had them as “normal” are how I choose to remember them these days. Which is easy considering I haven’t talked to them in years. This song hits hard.

I have watched a lot of reactions to this song and you are the FIRST one to not cry. I don’t know if this is what emotional stability looks like or what lol
I cry at least a tear or two every time myself.

Subbed… Wow, stop talking to me. I didn’t pay for this lol

12:06 - 13:00 wow!!! U hit every line :sob:

I get a glimpse of u Everytime I get a whif of that cigarette smell.
Haunts me! My dad smoked camil menthol cigarettes and ironically so do I. So Everytime I light up I remember him.

I showed this song to my mom and it helped quit her addiction to pain killers. Such a beautiful artist.

@HeartSupport Music is my Therapy, it helps. People say it doesnt help but they are wrong. I am not one to be able to follow through with comitting suicide and i cant drink or do drugs and waste my life away but it still hurts. I bottle my feelings up and when the bottle overflows it explodes, and alot of the time it doesnt explode right away, it waits for the right reason or thing and then boom, Dr. Jekyll comes out, my Monster comes out, my Demons come out to play.

You need to play remember this, mama, and careful from nf. Some of the greats.

I lost my uncle to alcohol when I was 14. He was 40. My mom got the call early in the morning right after we got to the high school (she‘s a teacher at my former high school). My 6 year old cousin was the one who found him and my aunt then called my grandparents. I wasn’t as close to him as I wanted to be. Him and I had similar interests. We both loved Marvel and music.

Next song ——> Mama…

This song makes me cry every single time it breaks my heart

I don’t think I can ever listen to this song and not cry

I feel him because my mom never loved me she loves beer more and she hated me so I never had one it hurts every day

Listen to WHY by NF…

only thing stopping me from crying is this cool stick i have in my room and i like swinging it.

it’s becoming less effective.

She is Good and might be the best reaction channel on YouTube

I lost my mother to addiction many years ago, but the bitterness and pain never leaves. It’s an emptiness that follows you everywhere you go, a void that can never be filled. Now life has come full circle and I am struggling with the same addiction that will probably kill me. This video brought me to tears, thank you for making it. Everyone hug your mommas while you still can.