Therapist reacts to How Could You Leave Us by NF

React to Already dead by juice wlrd

The first 5 times I listened to this song I cried

You think this is good? Try listening to the album, Hope by NF

Great Video! Also Listen to MAMA next as its NF’s New perspective on his mom and his forgiveness towards her.

The Grudge…

You’re the best reactor. Please do more REN. Daily.

hola taylor ,reacciona sappy de nirvana

What a great reaction - hope you can watch NF - MAMA as it’s the follow up to this song.

Happy please…

Now if you listen to Mansion again you’ll notice something.
There is a line where he says:
“I look around, one of the worst things I wrote on these walls
Was the moment I realized that I was losing my mom
One of the first things I wrote was, “I wish I woulda called”
But I should just stop now, we ain’t got enough room in this song”.

I love how frequently he references other songs, it makes it extremely replayable

Your eval of the song is spot on as far as the levels of grief…the different perspectives. First therapist I hear speak about the guilt and shame, I think your very good at your job. Thank you for your content.

He has two young kids now, so that ending hits that much harder. I second everyone saying you should listen to MAMA, but there are several songs along the NF Journey that speak to the loss of his mom, so I think it would be better that you go in order. You need his whole story.

NF is my absolute favorite artist… I’ve been listening to since his moments album Nathan Feinstein

You should listen to hope and mama they are both very impactful songs about getting past his anger and regret and welcoming a new perspective on his life

Should try Tech N9ne ‘Fear’

I would suggest doing a reaction to a juice wrld song if you haven’t yet, he talks alot about addiction etc

I hate and love this song it hurts all the time I hear

empath <3 love the reactions

Respectfully she so fine😫

Listen to mama next time.