Therapist reacts to How Could You Leave Us by NF

Not enough therapy in the world lol.
Shes 60 now. Lymphoma. Ive tried. Blunt conversations at times. Still picks the pills. Between them and the chemo im probably going to watch her waste way over the next few months.
Hard realization with the cancer diagnosis; that ive never got to be someones first choice, not even my mothers.
No one wants to see the underlying problem or gets mad when i try to make them see. First things first attitude. Another locked room in that mansion lol.

His song paralyzed hits different that would be a good reaction

I know no one will probably see this but I am a two time survivor of suicide and Addiction this song broke me took me back to being under the knife!! I still struggle and I’m only 19 this world is cruel

I can’t wait after she’s watched all these videos by NF. She gets to hope and just catches all the references. That’s going to be fun

I’ve listened to this song so many times and now I’m seeing it through a different perspective. That’s why I love your videos

I beat prescription medication and video game addiction this year. I am so proud of myself, and now the future is wide open to bigger and better things.

Marry Me!!!..

My mom battled kidney failure for five years and died two weeks after my grandfather and two months before I graduated film school and just after I was diagnosed with a rheumatic condition in 2018 and then my dad died of lung cancer in 2021 both before 60 years old and now I’m trying to do my best to not end up like them so I know about grief it’s one of the rawest emotions a human with a soul can feel

if this song dont make you tear up you not human.

My boyfriend unalived himself in January. He took every pill possible because he couldn’t handle his pain anymore. This song has been on repeat with me since then. NF captures grief so much well.

I already listened to this song many times and it never failed to shed a tear.

If only there were a Grammy for “Best song nobody wants on their playlist”…

My best friend growing up, his mum palmed him off of her parents, which is how he came to be my neighbour. We hung out all the time and once he took me to where his mum actually lived, it wasn’t even half an hour from where we lived on the bus and she never went to see him. What his grandparents told him was that she’d got married and started a new family and she didn’t want him ruining it, we were 12 and I didn’t know what to say other than to take him somewhere else and get in some trouble to take his mind off it. We weren’t the best behave kids but nothing terrible.

A year later I was expelled from school and sent to a boarding school on the other side of the country and we didn’t get to speak much as it was before mobile phones and the internet. I came home when I was in my early twenties and he’d left to join the army, his grandparents told me he was serving in Bosnia after the Serb/Croat war where thousands of Muslims were murdered and a few years later when I met him again it wasn’t him anymore. He told me, emotionlessly, of the things he seen in graphic detail, we got absolutely hammered and that was the last time I ever saw him. I’ve looked for him online but I don’t think he wants to be found and his grandparents died long ago so… I do hope he found peace.

Taylor i wish i could give you a shoulder to cry on and wipe away your tears as they roll down your cheeks.

Please react to “Mama” NF

“pain is a prison, let me out of my cell”

try listening to NF Invisible

When my school was having a football game, my cat died. The line that I would sing the loudest would be “they found you on the floor”

Can you react to papa roach- scars, really good song

I’ve heard this song 100+ times and cry like a baby every time I’ve ‘lost’ my mom to pills and I scream this song Everytime I hear it