Therapist Reacts to Intro III by NF

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Therapist analyzes the lyrics of Intro III by NF to discuss the ways in which fear tries to gain power in our lives and how we can take back the keys from fear.


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Thank you!!!..

*first (love the show btw)

I love your NF reactions :))

Favourite NF song everrr.

Finally NF!!!:yum::yum::yum:

Hi there my favorite therapist. I’m back again. Just wanted to ask for a 9th sobriety birthday present. Can u react to Fear Factory and thier song Fear Campaign. I really hope and think u will like it. As u know Fear is a big part of all of our lives. Inside and outside fears. Just like this song coincidentally. Thanks as always

This is one of my favorites, was waiting for you to get to this one!!

Thank you sooo much you have to do outro please​:pray::pray:

I’m 52 years old and I am very picky about anything rap or rap related. That being said I absolutely love all of nates music and the meanings in all of them. We all can relate to most of them on some level. Wow a bit long winded there. For me when it comes to intros it goes 3.2.1. There all great but I love them backwards. I love your reactions,keep duin what you do.

Please review: Whiskey Lullaby By Brad Paisley, the music video. The struggles of Soldiers coming back to a broken home. it is such a good song

Day 5 requesting 1x1 by Bring Me The Horizon

less then 29 minutes FAM.

The grave part is from let me down

Plz react to NF remember this next :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

you really need to listen to complete-jordan. a lot of people think its where Ren got the idea to make the song “HI Ren”. they are very similar but I think they are both genuis in their own way but id be lying if I didn’t tell you that Complete’s version is better in my opinon

Hold up, is that swing life away tattoo from the MGK version? Also, it’s great that you’re reacting to more NF songs, he has been a great inspiration to me during my own periods of depression/anxiety, especially songs like chasing_(Demo), drifting and I’ll keep on have moved me immensely.

may i just ask how are you so happy all the time ? how do i feel happy and what do i do to feel happy ? all i feel is like a void , i put on a act to feel happy just to the day go by and when i try to share its to much for them and they shut me out. like i got some kind of desice. sorry im really insecure . if its gone im sorry

Could you listen to Rain by the Teskey Brothers. It has helped me through a lot mentally

I was so lucky to see him and Austin Texas on Sunday night. His music has definitely helped me through my hardest times and it is like therapy.