Therapist Reacts to Intro III by NF

The follow up to NF’s battle with fear is the song “running” from his latest album. If you want to see how much NF has grown in his battle with fear I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest giving it a listen. I’m convinced people will look back at NFs music in the future like we look back at the great artists of antiquity; his genius is unappreciated.

and you like rise against? this is like my sixth nf video of you reacting to, today. and i watched a few other artists you did in the past. but now i’m sold. keep creating content!! love all NF. are there rise against reactions?

Blue October is the original NF per se. Check out “fear” PLEASE!!

Just this past Saturday I got my 4th NF tattoo… his keys on my hand … cuz I’m the one holding the keys …:shopping_cart::balloon::facepunch:

The first few times I listened to this song I was very confused because I thought NF was talking about him being abusive “I know I’m intense and controlling but you need to learn how to cope with it” etc. IT TOOK ME EMBARRASSINGLY LONG TO FIGURE OUT HE WAS USING PERSONIFICATION WITH FEAR LMAO AND THEN IT BECAME ONE OF MY FAVORITES

Talking about fear, you should listen to Fear from Blue October, he has great songs!!