Therapist reacts to Jenny's Tale by Ren

Sorry. but this is pointless in isolation. You cant review and consider a book on its first chapter, and this analysis is deeply flawed as a result and I wont watch it.
Everybody told you it’s a connected trilogy, can’t believe you’d ignore it.

For the next two, go into them without reading the lyrics, you’ll understand by the end why.

WAIT! Do all three together (Jenny, screech, Violet), watching Jenny’s again, and do not look at lyrics before hand for this one!!

Can you do a react to MGK’s let me go

Bro… Don’t listen to the lyrics before you watch Violet’s tale lol. Seriously.

If I can’t have a live reaction without peeking at the lyrics in advance, I’m out.

Ahh no you have to do the trilogy in 1 go :joy:

Guys, she’s going to tell us all to f-ck off if you don’t chill out. At the beginning of the video she says “I know, trust me I know. I’m so excited” She probably already knows not to read the rest of the lyrics first. That’s how I took it.

Taylor, you are the only thing in this world I adore. I hate knowing I can’t find anyone else like you. You’re so very healthy. I want to thank you for all your amazing insights. Today will be my last day on earth. This pain is too much. This suicide staircase is my life. I’m on the last step. Thank you, again Taylor. Goodbye

No no, do the trilogy . One song of that story doesn’t even give you a clue of the tragedy

Thanks! Wow! I have been listening to many reactors over the last few months since I retired and had time on my hands, and this reaction was your best in my opinion, and previewing the lyrics was undoubtedly why. I think that you could probably use that approach again with Screech’s Tale, but absolutely DO NOT do so before Violet’s Tale…you should react to it as it is revealed…and then it would be interesting to get together with your team and add a retrospective after re-listening to all three again you will have tons to say and the approach will be well worth the delay for both you and for your audience.


Not to be negative but 2mins of Jenny and 5mins of you ranting.I have to unsubscribe as as you spoilt the journey for me!.

wait… you’re not watching them together? That’s going to ruin the whole thing.

I think the very fact that his delivery causes people to focus on Screech in JENNY’s tale speaks volumes about Jenny herself. Overlooked in society; perhaps even shunned because of the life that was thrust upon her; lost unless she was walking home on the streets she knew so well; Her tale wasn’t happy, but it wasn’t really sad. Of course it did have the tragic ending, but was that the worst part of the story? or the fact that she may have already felt dead long before she met Screech. And no, I’m not saying the end wasn’t worse. The previous is to force discussion on the perception some people have about their lives that lead them to believe that it can’t get any worse regardless of which bridge they take home.

I don’t know if the title of the video was changed since post, but currently it says “analyzes” and not “reacts”. I prefer reactions, but fair enough. I also agree with others in the context of a reaction this isn’t appealing, but… if this was originally intended as an analysis, absent of real-time reaction, fair enough once again.

As a side note, the “analysis” seems to indicate a flawed understanding of this short story (Jenny’s Tale), probably due to lack of context from part 2. This is my assumption from the last couple minutes where something along the lines of “not allowing the perpetrator to define us” or “it [silence] often allows things to die within us, to die with us” or “empowerment”; Jenny was murdered, whatever defined her is beyond anyone’s ability at that point, there is no “unsilencing” nor empowerment in this story arc. This seemed more like a sermon and less like an analysis. Totally agree with the sermon though.

Yeah I agree don’t read the lyrics it messes with your reaction. Also Jenny is not ment in my opinion to have much of a long story … her life is takin away from her quickly… but ren does mention her gut feeling before it happened …I feel ren is pointing out to live every day the best you can cuz in a blink of an eye you can die !!!

It’s not really an honest reaction if you’ve already read the lyrics in advance… let alone having a team help you prepare for a “reaction”. Seems rather dishonest to me.

Well at least you didn’t do the biggest crime of all in reacting to The Tales, one poor reactor did ‘Violet’s Tale’ First. DOH!