Therapist Reacts to Jinjer - Pisces

Julia Nilon said this factory reset her brain. She then said you all wanted me to pee myself… ???

Keep in mind English is NOT her native language!!! They are from the Ukraine. I contend that this band is the BEST thing to ever come out of the former U.S.S,R.!!! YOUR reaction was solid GOLD!

First things first, many are surprised at what Tatiana can do with her voice. I love it!!! I cannot wait to see your reaction. It was great!!!

This is the Best video on the Internet hahaha

Those who know are waiting for the moment.

Check out “Teacher, Teacher” by Jinjer

Oooh the two sides of Pisces is a very nice connection to the two very different sides of Tatiana showcased here. :slight_smile:

If your a fan of jinjer you should definitely to one on the watcher by arch enemy

You should absolutely check out once human. Lauren hart blows tatiana out of the water

2:20 Editors note: Are you having a seizure?

Get ready lady… YOU my dear are in for a surprise!!! I so enjoy this band! I think it is bullshit that their homeland is being destroyed. I pray and hope none of their loved ones are in harms way. I submit to you and the world that this group is the BEST thing to EVER come out of the former U.S.S.R! EVER!!!.. Enjoy!!! Girl POWER… Suggestion locate and watch them do this song at Wacken. Her hair is longer and the video is great… Lastly have you seen & heard Floor Jansen of Nightwish perform?? She is a trained singer with a massive vocal range and she is a master at hair flips! My goodness my dear you are thinking SO hard. Kind and honest words. I agree with you sometimes by speaking to someone you have helped them. Life is difficult at times. Later lady…Thank you, this was Fun.

my heart hurts bad ): duality is the on coming to my surface the most often. going to haev to study up on my jijnjer. ROFL #YOLO #HearttSup[[oprt

Welcome to the Jinjer rabbit hole
Nothing like “newbies” to Jinjer…
I’d suggest “Teacher Teacher” next or even “ Perennial: live at Whacken”

There is one party that is not interested in duality. The part that invaded an other country. Jinjer represent the innocent party. I love Jinjer!

yes the is great with real deep sounds. other girl i like is melissa bonny.

Teacher, Teacher, is a song that will make you analyze a lot.

If you like girl singers in metal. Check out Spiritbox. Courtney le plante is the singer. She’s awesome

At 2:something you said “Is she going to scream?” Then she melted your brain!!! Julia Nilon said, “that factory rest my brain!” Some reactors have recoiled from her scream like they wanted to run away!! This group KICKS Butt!!! Great video lady, thanks a bunch!!! Later…

Come to the dark side we have cookies

“love a female frontwoman! Girl power!” This gonna be good when Tati lets loose… :grin::crazy_face:
And they always stop right before Tati goes to the flip side… and then the WTF looks… gnihihiihihihih

“Hardcore as heck”? Well, since you had a peak at Will Ramos & Alex Terrible. Hmmm… OTOH Ren Gill may be far more hardcore
from a POV of the emotions he can trigger from his listeners.