Therapist Reacts to Jinjer - Pisces

I love your reaction. I’ve just watched this for the 5th time this morning and it still makes me cry tears of joy watching your elation. Thanks for a good start to my morning. :metal:t2::fire::boom::pray:t2::100:

She’s a hot potato, and her growl makes her even more hot. I’m glad you got to experience this. :grin:
If you like her, there is another band that has a female vocalist that has a nasty growl as well. The band is called OTEP. The song by them is “warhead” your welcome :smirk::+1:

As a Pisces…I have a crush on you too. :joy::joy::joy:

Anyone else see the orb…

Lets go to Lorna shore into the hellfire

Nice lights editing as well… lightness and darkness while explaining the duality in the message of the song.

Handshake With Hell Arch Enemy

What do you mean all men are Pisces?

Epica Unleashed live official video

idk why but the fact that there are multiple camera angles for this reaction makes me chuckle 10/10

Funny showing this to my bro and his gf who don’t listen to metal or even know of woman metal vocalists being a thing

I hope they come to nz or aussie soon so i can see them live.

Your reactions are so full of so many feelings… can`t stop watching your videos😂

I almost committed suicide in a real aspect one time I was sitting in the corner of my bedroom with a pistol in my mouth my now ex wife was trying to talk me down and my 3 kids were in the living room scared begging and asking what is going on and is there dad ok I sat there gun in my mouth laughing hysterically wanting to pull the trigger so bad but all I could hear were the voices of my kids begging and asking what’s going on am I ok and I’m a Pisces so this fascination with duality I feel the higher I climb in my life it turns to the lower I fall

Anytime I see a first reaction to this video it’s a must watch now for me

The every day life of an actual Pisces. Love that song for that reason

Tatianna 's “Vortex” is absolutely Awesome.

Below I wrote rest my brain. That should have been reset. I missed a letter, I guess I should proof read my comments. My bad!!! Thanks lady…!!!

Tatiana is utterly incredible. Her voice is unlike any I’ve ever heard. Jinjer is a fantastic band. I highly recommend the songs Perennial, Wallflower, and Judgement & Punishment.

Also if you like insane female vocals, check out the band Rolo Tomassi. Check out the song Cloaked. Eva Koreman is fricking awesome.

Female fronted metal is loaded with Angelica Demons. Nightwish - Yous is an empty hope live Mexico City.