Therapist Reacts to Jinjer - Pisces

Please don’t ever compare Tatiana to Brittney ever again. :joy::joy::joy:

English is a second language to her, yet she speaks and sings in English well… You asked IS she going to scream?!! Luke 9-10 states Ask and YOU shall receive. Wish granted… And she will do it again & again plus normal vocals . Is that shock I’m watching from YOU??. Or fright?? There is a community on YouTube that loves when folks react like you just did to Tatiana. We love it!!! After a bit you got into it!!! With fist pumps, etc… Rock on girl… You are thinking real hard!!! Take care… I’ll be back. Love you content.

I don’t know how I found you but you but I cant tell you how much your videos help. Thank you.

you should listen to spiritbox

Here is my little spiel… All my life, I had to deal with people who are utterly calloused to suffering, just because of some entitlement from whatever forms social heirarchies, that led people to measure values according to domination and manipulation in its very nature. That’s how it has been in the jungle during early times in our history. But it’s gonna be our downfall as we continue gain power in technical know how and ability to spread destruction just from a push of a button. Chest thumping tendencies would do us no good in this scenario, and it’s gonna become more apparent, later on when we finally pay for the mistakes, greater people than us made as we got comfortable resting on our laurels and essentially domesticated ourselves to corrupt systems that only crystallizes over time. That’s why even if I’m emotionally agitated in my truth, I’m not opposed to being a bull in a china shop of whatever structure of manipulation they had going for sometime already. That’s the honey badger in me that is opposed to any degradation of my integrity, upholding whatever philosophies in whatever principles I desperately hold dear, lest I turn into the very cog of the machine that causes us a slow death in misery meant to acclimate us over time, like a frog slowing being boiled alive in water held over a fire.

You definitely accept your duality. Them two camera angles, constantly switching!

It’s almost supernatural how all reactors pause at the same spot.

Love your reaction:)))

But you might be missing the obvious of a sweet girl drawn to a bad boy or light to dark for many reasons.

Ok OK Oo Oo No it’s not called “screamo”. Only people who have never heard or understood it call it that. It’s called “growling” and Tati is one of the better exponents of the genre.

Oh yeah; and “Physician heal thyself!”

One day somebody will go through every reaction to this song and tally up how many people pause after the 1st verse and talk about how much prettier it sounds than what they were expecting…

Not me tho I’m lazy.

Taylor get ready, here it comes! Fist pumping!!! All you were missing is hair flips!!! Get speakers so you can remove your headphones and really head bang & hair flip… I love how you were without words at the end. It took a minute or two to gather your thoughts! Most of us have been there – done that. THANKS!!! Until the next time… Rock on girl

Not familiar w/this channel, but Alyssa during her Agonist days. And Angela never did clean vocals, but that roar… And then there few others :wink:

I think one of the coolest things is she barely spoke a word of English when she wrote this

Tatiana is a Pisces. Several of the songs are about her personal struggles

Jinjer is of course a Metal band (from Ukraine), but they don’t consider themselves one, and love experimenting with incorporating different genres. The emeralds are fish scales.

I believe this was filmed to let Vlad the drummer show his skills as he’d just joined the band. He’s a classically trained pianist, guitar player and drummer.

I think this will always be the best introduction for newbies to the band. It shows off the incredible talent of all the band members!

Remember she’s using her false folds to growl. NO VOCAL CHORDS INVOLVED. The only vocal effects are when Tatiana’s singing, not when she’s growling.

Here’s Jinjer performing Pisces live on stage…

…and Jinjer performing Pisces this year live on stage!!!

For another great studio recording try this one, with some Reggae - “Judgement and Punishment”…

…and the official video…

Tati singing and playing Cielito Lindo!!!

Jinjer doing some Jazz!!!

Here’s Tatiana talking about her singing…

I love this little chat with Tatiana…

Tatiana singing in 2011!!!

A great interview with the band in 2021…

YouTuber Charismatic Voice interviews Tati…

“I was not expecting that sound to come out of her” haha nobody ever does

The song could be made into an ‘integration of the shadow’ allegory.

Fun reaction.
Love that you had the lyrics to give you better understanding.
Please more Jinger. Suggest Teacher Teacher official video Tatiana’s vocal translations are seamless and mindboggling.
Perennial live at Wacken and Judgement and Punishment Tatiana’s one take vocal performance version.
You won’t regret it.

As a combat veteran this whole concept screams to me… because it is that duality I battle with.

we all have a crush on this particular pisces :wink: