Therapist Reacts to Jinjer - Pisces

Wallflower is a great song to breakdown

What a beautiful, insightful explanation of this song. Thank you!

I love when its the first time people reacts to Jinjer and get amazed by Tatiana.

Absolutely love this song and seeing reactions to it. The dichotomy of sounds fits like a puzzle and is never forced. The transitions are smoother than butter. Tatiana is part angel and part demon, but not lost at all is how tight the band is playing this song. I really enjoyed this therapist’s analysis of this song and makes me appreciate this song even further. She is explains very well why I’m innately drawn to this song.

I was fairly certain that she developed that grown when she was a teenager and used it when babysitting to scare the bratty little kids into going to bed when she told them to.

Knocked loose - Billy No Mates + Counting Worms

If you ever get a chance to see Jinjer live (ideally headlining their own show, not as an opener), avail yourself of the opportunity. They’re absolutely as good live as they are recorded. Tati’s singing is exactly as great live. I’ve been going to concerts for over 45 years and the only band I’ve seen that’s better live is Rush. No crazy theatrics, no huge lightshows, no pyrotechnics … just raw power and emotion!

Love the reactions!! My frst reactions to this song were just as crazy! Same with all my friends I HAD to show it to. Awesome band!

Like dating with abuser. I’m talking about the dark side of a person, which tends to self-destruction

I actually just subscribed to your channel …cause I struggle daily with my own “duality” looking for answers and I’m not sure if there are any. But so far every time I watch one of your videos I seem to take something from them. I’m not afraid to admit I have issues. And although I do like reaction videos. Yours actually seems to resonate…wish you were my therapist…or I could find one with your view on things. I think it would be a huge help…oddly enough I seem to be good at helping others to figure their stuff out but I can’t fix myself for some reason…lol but thanks for making your videos. You are awesome keep it up. Please

I tend to think that too much optimism it’s toxic, sometimes i see a lot people fixing their attention to all the “good things” ignoring all of their side effects, i really like this song and the theme about it, not everything it’s entirely good or bad, and things can be misleading sometimes

The song is amazing, her voice is stunning. The"reaction" f@cking annoying

Heavy Metal was never a boring Music

You cannot always make that choice, there are medications make other people chill out that turn me into a Viking warrior. I once through an IV stand through a solid wood door while on Morphine and Valium (the actual problem) while in the hospital with a broken femur, pelvis, arm, and collar bone.

This is a truly amazing band, would recommend songs like wallflowers and perennial

And Devin Townsend Kingdom.