Therapist Reacts to Judas Priest - Pain Killer

When she thought song was 14yrs old she felt old. B-U-T when she found out it was 34yrs old she was cool…I-D-I-O-T. Maybe biggest live “DUH” moment ive ever witnessed

In 2016 Rob Halford performed this song on stage with BABYMETAL and they both killed it together. Her voice compliments his so well, it was a great performance.

This song is, simply put, therapeutic.

In my opinion this song still is the very definition of metal. It is a perfect masterpiece of pure energy :metal:

Put your vinyls straight.

Great reaction, but videos… The big-budget music videos were produced in the 1980s and 1990s to promote the songs as they were released.

That’s not Thrash Metal! Priest IS Heavy Metal! THE Heavy Metal.

Love your analysis freakin so cool.

Jesus is The Pain Killer
Rob? subliminal message huh?A Repented Rob :open_mouth::blush:

Truest Metal is Priest, The Team Work KK Tipton Hill and Robs Vocals 40 years of True Metal.
British steal and victim of Change

Judas Priest aren’t even a thrash metal band. They’re literally the first band to call themselves a heavy metal band.

Talking about mental health, lets talk about metal health. Metal is a world so open, that even everybody sort of knew Rob Halford was gay, it was never a topic or an issue. He decided to “come out” very late, only to encourage people that was in the closet because they feared the consequences of coming out. So there you have it, another cool fact from Rob Halfod wholesomeness.

I just saw them last saturday. He still has the high voice

thank you for the interesting point of view - asking for a painkiller as a cool thing to deal with the pain… the reframing of the idea, as you said… Really cool!!!

Wait wait ait… this is the PAINKILLER, not Pain Killer.

Welcome to one of oldest heaviest Metal Bands ever you’ve got another thing coming Metal God’s breaking the law the ripper green manalishi with the two prong crown living after midnight youve got another thing coming I could go on forever

What you’ve never listened to any Judas priest shame on you lol

6:34 it seems she tried to cross herself, but it was too late.
The conversion of metal has already happened, there is no way back \m/_
A very positive and beautiful lady, thanks for the video.

My start as a Metalhead was 1980 with 13 Years , today 2024 with 56 Years and still long hair is that normal Music Judas Priest is still on Tour with new Album , Rob Halford is over 70 Years old