Therapist Reacts to LEAVE ME ALONE by NF

You should do the NF journey, but if not Here are a few for you to do.
How could you leave us
Paid my dues
Mama ( after how could you leave us)
Just like you
Finally then hope

We’re gonna need you to continue please

Try NF “LOST” …

@HeartSupport thank you for explaining that what I’m feeling is doubt, but mine is more like a cinder block trying to pull me under the waves and if I give in I might not be able to recover

You should really react to twenty one pilots. They literally have a song called doubt.

@HeartSupport, I took a stand-up comedy class last year and have wanted to do more with it, but it seems like there are so many new comedians I feel like I won’t be able to compete so I do nothing.

You should react to Tom MacDonalds Best Rap[per Ever. Its about a guy fighting his demons.

His song Mansion will blow your mind.

Gotta go check out ‘Running’ by NF. One of his best tracks he has made and easily relatable for many people.

New to the channel so sorry I haven’t checked before asking… Bo Burnham Inside? If you haven’t yet checked out “welcome to the Internet” please you might enjoy this artist brain too #heartsupport

NF is jaw dropping. Saw him in August 2023 parents there with their children all rapping every word it was awesome :heart:

Therapy sessions is going to break her. Loving her reactions to nf and ren so far. Subbing to keep up

I wish you were my therapist ong

NF “How could you leave” BROKE ME!!

Not only should you listen to Mansion. You should listen to his albums back to back since it tells his story in order. It’s amazing.

Dont react to Hope…not yet.:grin:
Enjoy the journey down the Rabbit-hole.

Great reaction.

The balloons are his burdens. This dude is so deep and everything ties together from song to song and album to album. He is on a completely different level. Ive been following him since the beginning and I have been saying that he will go down as one of the greats. Listen to “Remember This”. Its one of the most motivational songs Ive ever heard.

The balloons are his burdens.

As someone with OCD I can relate to his songs.

I genuinely love you reacting