Therapist Reacts to LEAVE ME ALONE by NF

Do the noose by the perfect circle , the lead singer is from tool

this analysis really hits home, thank you for making this content

‘Apnea’ by Currents…

Please to listen to “HOPE!” (The song especially)

Oh girl you would eat up intro 3

Pleeeeease react to “Intro 3” from his perception album!!! I promise it won’t disappoint!

I love NF. I have been on a long Journey since I first found him. Listening to him and you talk about all this shows me how far I have come. I still have some balloons, but it’s not like it was.

The part where he says “I think of a rhyme and I have to record it, but know if I don’t I’ll wake up in the morning, and question my life again” is so relatable.
I think of so many songs and don’t get them down. Though I only make my music for me, so the burden is less than the weight of his song. Yet so good to hear your experience spoken. NF FTW.

Marry Me!!!:heart::tada::heart::tada:

honestly my thoughts even as a content creator i have to worry about everything im trying to post because copyright, is the video good enough, am i good enough, and just that whole persona of who i am as a content creator i have to put on a mask and make myself be okay with who i am and what i do as a content creator even though my videos arent that good in my opinion they could always be better and those are primarily the thoughts i deal with as a content creator but in life its way way way more drama, and stuff like that i use content creating as a way to escape the real world for a split few minutes or even a couple of hours because we all need a break from life and give us time for ourselves to have breathing room and just be us.

You should check out a song called “Hollow” by Icon for Hire. You would enjoy the video as well!

@heartsupport I struggled with self harm and suicidal ideation for years and struggled with not feeling good enough. NF music really helped me from 2018 onwards and challenged me to find my self worth and hope.

I’ve always thought he thought his fame and creativity came from his burdens and doubts. If he let’s them go, he doesn’t even know who he is anymore. Can he still have the creativity without them? And the ppl in white always look so sterilized and numb. I took that as him feeling that getting help and being on prescriptions might make him lose who he is now and that creativity as well.