Therapist Reacts to LEAVE ME ALONE by NF

The same thing…

I’ve been listening to NF for about a year and when I’m at my worst I put him on and get hope and inspiration. He is my hero and I don’t know how I’d manage without his music.

Balloons bro, it’s kinda crazy how accurate it is something tryin to pull you off your feet yk. Mine always tell me I’ll never be anything and that no matter what I do I won’t be the good enough. I’m getting better with realizing that’s not true but I’m still working on it you know.

I have been listening to NF for about 2 years now and not once did I notice so many things that you pointed out the first time watching it, and I’m so glad I found this cause man I’m learning so much

I just earned my RMA. And, my balloons (doubts), make me feel that @ 41yo & struggling w/ BP2/depression that seeking employment in this field I will fall prey to the stigma that still exists w/ mental health. And succumb to the pressures and implode :cry::tada:… the doubts are telling me that maybe I bit off more than I can chew​:persevere::disappointed::sweat:

Why’d she pause it at the beat?:sob: i was ready to go crazy like usual

My doubts tell me I don’t deserve love and everyone who tries to love me I push away. Im realizing it now and trying to work on believing people do love me. Just wish I worked on it sooner before pushing my ex away and now I can’t get her back :confused:

@HeartSupport my balloons tell me im bad at being s father. Not a bad father but bad AT it. Im angry. I either dont control my emotions or i hide them completely.
They tell me im tired and im reasy to just not anynore. Not do. Not be.
They tell me im weak and i dont handle business like i should, like i could. Im not up for the tasks i have.
They tell me i cant talk because ill either be looking for attention, ill be put somwhere, or ill just make other worry.