Therapist Reacts to LEAVE ME ALONE by NF

You need to react to “old Friend” by logan Micheal… or whiskey lullaby by braid paisley

@3:11 when you started talking about the anxiety, I felt that. I absolutely love NF’s music, it’s so relatable. I just found this channel and absolutely love it already.

The NF journey is amazing… Enjoy watching you break it down :100::fire:. Think I have a crush now… :thinking::sunglasses:

Shortly after i started Therapy after my daughter was killed my therapist turned me on to NF cus i didn’t know how to verbalize my feelings and emotions and it helped so much. And your eval of this song is so spot in thank you. I would like to recommend another song that helped myself and my oldest daughter through our loss. I prevail, Breaking Down. Thank you for what you do @HeartSupport

I have listened to many NF reactions and not once do they ever notice him literally say he was diagnosed as OCD. Also the balloons are his burdens