Therapist reacts to Left Behind by Slipknot

Check out “My plague” from this same album

This album came out when I was 15. Perfect timing in my life at that point haha. I listened to it nonstop that year. Still love it. Not so much anything after this album.

1:14 you really took the wind out of my sails there i was rocking out with you and you cut off that sick drum beat :cry:

“Скользящий узел” группа конечно пизданутая, но Джои :metal: был бесподобен , его стиль игры, как-будто он то догоняет остальных музыкантов, то обогнав начинает притормаживать, чтобы подождать остальных парней, делал эту банду узнаваемой :grin:

The pulse of the maggots will prevent THAT by consuming you into within.
IF YOU’RE 555…

I really loved your explanation of the themes and emotions in this great song. Thanks!

I’m glad I found your channel. One of the best content creators!!

It’s not in this song but a lyric from another song “just don’t follow me and live life your own way” kinda feels like he (someone I lost) is sorry and is rooting for me

you have to do disasterpiece, its song that describes the emotions in so many different ways. also one of the best song ever written by them

Just my perception…

This is not an attack on you. Nor an attack on your passion.

You use the grief and the pain to make money on youtube. You are what he is talking about.

The song is not about a person being left behind. The song is about values and virtue being left behind. We all got left behind. Even you.

The song is about the shortcomings of humanity.

Your over the top facial expressions and general fake enjoying of the content really isn’t necessary. I do like that you are trying to understand something you clearly do not. Kudos for that…but you are contradicting the imagry and the message. You missed the I contort you part. The message of the song is that you are clearly terrible at your job. The song is about being misunderstood and people talking and not listening. You are a talker. You are exposing yourself. It’s not about his relationships with people. It’s about how horrible people really are.

Listen to disasterpiece…

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Someone very late to listening to Slipknot. They are in a state of place where they will be quitting soon.

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You should react to Linkin Park - One More Light :pray:

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I lost a friend I was homeless with for 2 years that just died from complications of diabetes and I am so broken…we shared the hardest times together and I got my life together and even bought a nice home while he struggled and I couldn’t help because I have 2 daughters to take care of but now I wished I helped and he only lived an hour away. He was just so stubborn and wouldn’t even ask for help or anything but I could have tried… I font know what to do but I’m haunted by this now and forever…

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The IOWA album is both disgustingly brutal and beautiful. It helped me get through my high school years as my parents were constantly fighting. It reached a point to where my mother hurt herself to where she self-admitted herself to a mental hospital. It got better from there for a brief period, but everything fell apart rapidly where things became physically violent. I’m scarred from those days so hearing you break down the lyrics gives me a better understanding of each song.

I can’t wait to hear you dissect the rest of the IOWA album.

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