Therapist reacts to Linkin Park - Friendly Fire

You need to check out their song Given Up. Powerfull lyrics!

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We are all human and "what are we fighting for "

Your microphone sounds like a tin can. I’m not sure how to fix it but I figured I’d let you know.

“Misunderstandings are so strange
It would always be better to avoid them
And not to risk to be right
Because being right is not always the answer”
by Tiromancino

Saw Linkin park in concert 99 was amazing

This song itself alone is important for today in 2024

you have to listen to Lost from LP

I just started watching you. Damn are you on target about relationships. Nice to know what Im feeling is valid

99 es el problema :blush:

I miss him so much!..

Listen to family by badfloweer

Man, I miss Chester. I grew up listening to Linkin Park. Hybrid Theory was my first album as a kid that I ever bought myself. His voice and journey will always be in my mind.

This message is 2 months late but I wanted to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart & soul. I had been going through a very, very dark time in my life (almost an entire year, actually) and I seriously contemplated suicide. And yes, I am a diehard Linkin Park fan, even had the fortunate pleasure to see them in concert nearly a dozen times. Linkin Park’s music has always been there for me and many of their words, sung by the angelic Chester Bennington, has always resonated with me. With all that being said, the way you broke down this song, in great detail I might add, spoke directly to my struggles and for the lack of a better term, you truly touched my heart & snapped me out of that dark mental prison I was in. So, again, you saved my life with this video. This is not a joke. Since I first watched your video, my life has been enlightened and I truly love & appreciate what I have. Again, thank you for your incredible words, guidance & wisdom. I just wanted to let you know that you saved a life here. Like Chester & the rest of Linkin Park, you will always have a place in my heart. Thank you.

Sadly, if he hadn’t died this song would have been shredded by a large sect of LP fans. They ridiculed them because their sound was changing to a bit more of a “poppy” sound. It got so bad that they were having garbage thrown at them on stage. Such a shame, these lyrics are beautiful.

I’ll never forget the line “I can’t be who you are” from the song “leave out all the rest”. Chester knew exactly how to sing all his lyrics to reach to the depths of your soul, because he was feeling all of it.

He was ALWAYS reaching out but unfortunately it was too late RIP Chester. We miss you

RIP Chester we all loved you. Your voice will always be in my head! Thank you for blessing all of us with your voice and lyrics. :heart:

I feel like “What are we fighting for?” has 2 meanings. Like, it’s a play on words and phrasing. It’s asking what is the goal of our fight, as in what is our shared goal we fight towards. But, then it’s also asking why are we fighting each other, like what was the catalyst for us to be in conflict with one another.