Therapist Reacts to Mansion by NF

You have to listen to INTRO III. He references Mansion in this song, and you’ll love it as much as you loved Mansion.

Lost family in a plane crash all of them havent seen a picture or video of them ever again for 15 years im a recovering addict now on suboxone but still an addict went down fentanyl road and came out now successful business owner but still an addict and havent seen any pictures of my family after the incident CASPIAN FLIGHT 7908 btw i was supposed to go with them canceled my ticket 2 days before upon escaping iran from iraq got captured by isis for 2 days barely escaped, cant count by my fingers how many times i escaped death at this point it feels like curse that im forced to stay alive idk !!this song broke me good luck guys

You should listen to “HOPE” by nf and “HAPPY” by nf those songs are like he’s overcoming his depression :slight_smile:

Clouds please it’s my personal favourite song from him

To explore the story of his mom and his journey with that please do how could you leave and Mama. He has come so far. Grown so much. He has been on a path of healing and you can see how far hes come in those and of course Hope.