Therapist Reacts to Mansion by NF

talk about paralyzed please

I think mansion is best of NF Trust me album mansion is very epic and deep I love music and lyrics :heart_eyes::heart: of this album :heart_eyes: anyone I told the truth :heart:

As someone with DID and literally has a mind palace like this, this song hits so fucking hard Everytime :smiling_face_with_tear:

I connect with this one thank you for your reaction :heart:

I have a couple of rooms myself but the biggest one was made when i was 10 and its as big as a moutain and ever since everything in my life has been weighing on that door keep it shut, but about once a year when i goto sleep the door cracks open a tiny bit sending me bawling crying asleep.
This is all i wish to say for now but its been 12 yrs and its still growing.

…better than Eminem & Dido …ruminative & compartmental thinking …might be about Manson …brilliance would look like a few different things

Hey I just wanna thank you for doing it all. This channel’s concept is interesting. These little conversations are gonna help

You should try so skitz kraven

@heartsupport I have too many rooms that I keep closed and locked up. My mind is a minefield of Hurt & pain, Destruction & Torment. This Song, Wow!

  1. your channel is great. you do great work
  2. “we love a double entendre” needs to be on a t-shirt
  3. would LOVE if you added Twenty One Pilots to your vids (Car Radio, Addict With a Pen, Ode to Sleep, Goner, Kitchen Sink…)

Well I doubt u can help me with this, but why not try, the only person I have left, that I would trust to open up to is my mom, but she got extreamly mentally damaged after my sister died in an accident ( she was 2 years old than me and im 24 now ((it happend in 2022), so she was 24 when it happened)

I want to open up to her, I want to show her the stuff I connect to, but I am worried that I will hurt her with it.
So as I said, probably not something you can answer on the internet, but just as a simple question… better not try or try and see what happens? I just really dont want her to get more pain.

In his last musicvideo he will ever make i want him to open all the doors in the mansion that would be something that brainf…cks the whole community

Imagine if ren and Nf collab

I was 2 years sober and I relapsed recently…. Im fighting… Every day… I dont feel much anymore… But NF makes me feel like I’m heard, like I’m felt. I may not like this version of myself but I know I’m human and I know I have the power to change my life. I’m so glad I seen him in concert. I never broke down his lyrics like this before though, it gives me a whole other perspective of what he’s trying to convey to the person listening.

Holy shit. I cried when you spoke at the end. The mansion is to big. Thank you

this song has been my life anthem since it came out. it was just till this year where it no longer applied to me and now the nf song “hope” is my current life anthem