Therapist reacts to Monster by Skillet

I let my monster come to the surface a long time ago. I became a stronger person and able to survive what would break the majority of people

Great band, I’ve been listening to them for years. Love the reaction to this song

If I can suggest something to react to:
Pop Evil: “100 in a 55” or “torn to pieces”

The last night, lucy, whispers in the dark, comatose, rise.
All good songs you could/should react to by skillet.

This is my favorite band, and crucify me for what I am about to say, I prefer the Radio Version of this song more!!

You should do the song “Not dead yet” by Ledger. It is the drummer’s solo release. When they played it live at Skillet concerts Jon learned how to play drums just for her to be able to do it.

That song is where I went to when I was younger, as I have an issue with anger where I black out and lose control. The come down is not so easy, like trying to wrestle control from a part of you that feels so right but is not the way to be. So glad I wasn’t reading into this song when I was younger.