Therapist Reacts to Monsters by Shinedown

I have PTSD and so many other symptoms that I truly hate… Monsters never give up, they never get tired, they are ever pressing forward relentlessly! Right when we think that we have them in check, they let us know that they’re still there and just waiting for us to drop our guard. What I’ve found that “helps” me is…. Since your monsters are that strong, that’s only a sign of how strong you are. It’s your mind bringing your monsters to life. Use that to make you stronger! Use it to make you as powerful as you want to be! There’s no end to our limits, it just depends on how far you want to go! The Waves Keep Crashing But I’m Still Standing!:muscle:t4:🩶:call_me_hand:t4:

Shinedown is my favorite band. They have the ability to touch my soul with their words and music :metal:

Brent is all about putting songs out there to show people that they aren’t alone when they are in a dark place he’s had people come up to him telling him that they’re songs have saved their life but Brent always responds with “ no you did that we just gave you the extra push to help you fight what you’re going through “

Over analyzed…I really like your videos ma’am but you’re incorrect

I love your videos but your interpretation of this video is not correct

I love Shinedown!..

The lady in the video is the young girl grown up. . She was molested when she was young and then her father died when she was an adult. . That’s why at the end of the video the monster and the little girl walk away together. The man who is dead and the Young girl who was never able to be heal from what he did. Forever linked together. The little girl looks back at her older self and is like… even now you still won’t speak up and tell the world what happened. So both will forever be trapped with monsters.

React to Badflower Ghosts it heart wrenching.

My monsters are so real, I fight them daily without fail, I’m 62 yrs old and I’m exhausted…

Sure I have monsters but I made peace with them. They’ve helped me survive things that would normally take down the average person. My parents were horrible. My father would beat me. He had pure hatred for me because I was completely different than him. My mother hid behind religion and protected him not me. It wasn’t until later in life that someone stepped in for me. It was actually 3 different people at the same time. My uncle the marine took me for an entire summer. He taught me how to fight so I wouldn’t be afraid. One neighbor helped out on our family farm while I was away and would regularly help when I came back. Then the neighbor I thought of as a father figure pulled the brakes on my father. I would spend summers at his repair shop. He was the first one to notice the bruises and he circled the wagons around me. He then got his leathers out and called his brothers from the hells angels to put the fear of God into my father. They said if he ever hit me again they would make sure he was never seen again. These 3 people that society turned their nose up at were the ones that saved my life

Idk what that page change was. Jujitsu is the best

IMHO- She had her husband killed. Because she has her boyfriend whom she was cheating. Her dad who was holding her hand, at the funeral, was a monster too.

For me your findings show you totally missed the mark and didn’t watch all of the video… Mommy sleeping with another man while Daddy off at war getting killed and the Daughter was scooped up by Granddad (Daddy’s Dad) because of that… I just don’t see what you did. I’m happy to admit wrong if anyone wants to show me how from video.
Best to All

No. It means that there really are “monsters” and in an attempt to escape and not acknowledge we send another generation to our same fate.

You really need to do some Falling in Reverse vids. Popular Monster, Voices in my head, and Zombified are some that will have you thinking about mental stuff