Therapist reacts to N/A by Bring Me The Horizon

this is my favorite song on the album it’s really catchy has a breakdown and is my experiences

'Cause I’m fucking losing it, get a grip, ignore all the signs.
The voices in my head keep telling me I’m fine.
Out of luck, what the fuck? What am I gonna do?

As soeoewithadhd i can relateto oli’s mental struggle andvices and yesyoucanget cleanbutdownsidetoit its you get more mentally sick youjust gotta find a healthy wayout like makingmusic

This album completely caught me off guard. I wasn’t really sure what to expect after they cancelled the three EP plan. It took me a couple of playthroughs of the record to decipher if I like it and as of right now it’s one of the four records I listened to in the last six months I love most.

This song…when you’re on the bright side of the wagon, is so validating. When you’re on the dark side, I still feel heard, but it’s a reminder of what it means to fail with the best intentions.

Oli has had a lot of songs about his addictions, but to me, this is first time he’s been direct about it.

I never understood the concept of group meetings for addiction. How can other broken people fix you. But then i realized that your loved ones try to understand what you going through and try to be supportive but in a way because they dont understand the situation it makes you feel more isolated even with all their good intentions. Group meetings is where u can connect with others that truly gets you and their experience can help u to be a better version of yourself.

This song made me a BMTH fan very recently

I didn’t realize people didn’t like this song until i read these comments. This and Lost are the two highlights of the album in my opinion and i haven’t listened to them since Suicide Season(2008 album)
Step brother recommended i give their new music a shot and i was NOT disappointed at all by this album.

I connect way too much with this whole album, but this song hits me so hard…

Sometimes I do wanna make love to a chainsaw. But those around me have all been so kind to me and prevented me from feeling that way anymore. If it wasn’t for those around me, I wouldn’t be here.

her energy and videos just always brightens my day bro. even after the hardest day.

My and my buddies joke about wrapping our bikes around a tree all the time. Just say this song speaks to us