Therapist Reacts to Nero Forte By Slipknot

those are pretty cool vocals those two different vocals styles are pretty cool light and dark and flows of words corey is good with his words his enunciation and the feelings behind i wouldn’t want to be the person he referring to and how they are treating others and being treated

Your reactions are so cool
They’re most of the songs that i love
Cheers from bukidnon :tada:

(Why) why was it easy for you?
(Did) did I deserve the abuse?
(I) I can’t believe I let it
(Not) not what I wanted
(See) see through your bullshit
(Your) you’re so dramatic
(True) true to your form of
(Face) every consequence
(Un-) unintimidated
(-Til) 'til the very end
(It) it’ll never happen
(Was) was it all a lie?
(Too) many motherfuckers
(Late) that’s what you do best
(Lie) that’s what you do best
(Lie) that’s what you do best

Why did I not see your true face until it was too late

I think you need to do whitechapel a blood soaked symphony

I get that you miss the narcissist angle because it’s less common for men to discuss when they’ve been abused by one… BUT that’s what it’s about. Take another listen.

this song was made cause a rapper named mgk had dissed them by saying your to old to be wearing masks and to quit acting like kids. but idk what hes talking about cause slipknot is awesome