Therapist reacts to Parabola by Tool

Experience TOOL in a psychotherapy in a music template!

Please, as a therapist, I feel the need to hear your take on PushIt, from the album Salival.

When I lived in Denver, I used this album to time my drive to work. I would always make it to my parking space in the middle of Lateralus. But my favorite part of that drive was the part of this song when Maynard screams “ALIIIIIVE, I.” This was when I’d come over a hill and the Continental Divide would seem to rise up from the horizon. It always made my morning.

WOW!! You’re a true sage.

Love your room aesthetic :heart:

This pain is an illlusion

id toss that stanley cup if you know whats good for you

You’re certainly a freak, I’ll give you that.

I love watching the pure excitement and joy on your face when the music kicks in.

Turned into “A Perfect Circle”. Do you know what you did there? :wink:

Great song for running/training. Just over 6 minute work period. This song is a potent buff

Dont watch the official videos. They don’t reflect the song in my experience and only distract.

“Oh this song is like a realization…” welcome to a tool song…

The singer has another band called A Perfect Circle, not sure if anyone else told ya but you said the words so i had to point it out

Greatest band ever, prove me wrong

Hearing that drop live…the audience, it’s so amazing

We are all made of parts of stars we are all eternal

As an atheist, I still used this song when I was at my lowest point.

The video has nothing to do with the song. It’s Tool.

I always find your interpretation of Tool’s songs very enlightening