Therapist reacts to People=Shit by Slipknot

And whats with CHOOSING to have reaponsabilities? Its much easier to just… Dont. Ive made it to 41 years of age living like that. And Im as “happy” as somebody can be in this shitty world.

Type o negative…

I’ve been watching a lot of videos of you watching videos I grew up with and getting stuff from my favorite songs I’ve never thought about, especially the tool stuff your actually a
Legend haha

I’m 33. This song has been on my playlist since high-school lol.

.they are right,but the theraphptist try to ‘play’ whit our mind.

uff:P…is - to sociaty and how they ‘do’:stuck_out_tongue:

And you choose the live version…?

1:47 You can see the expression in her face slowly growing with joy as she realizes “Hey this is a good song!” :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

You should check out their song Metabolic

“It’s clear that this person is in pain…”
No. Way.

do slipknot live 09 spit it out!

The whole band was essentially tortured making this album. I think it’s their best.

This helps me if I am angry or pissed off/annoyed

youve got to listen to some spite, you’ll love the vocal energy

Brilliant analysis, there is a certain sense of safety and security I found in anger, hostility and general misanthropy. Better not risk getting abused again, right? But the constant hyper-vigilance starts taking a toll sooner rather than later, both on my psyche and my outward life.

I know they never did a video for it, but I’d love to see her reaction to No Life. After all the misanthropic mass shootings that have been happening over the last few years, that’s the first song I think of whenever I hear about the latest one on the news.

I understand this completely I have suffered from depression for a really long time and so many times I just wanted someone to listen and talk to and no one would until I found the right therapist

for anyone who hasnt gone to a slipknot concert for fear of being hurt i can tell you people are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. i was at a concert and people were pushing the stage people up front were being crushed we spread the word and everyone got space middle concert

Could you please, please, please analyze DREDG - INFORMATION!! Thank you for sharing and teaching through your knowledge! Understanding Heals!

and actually sids grandfather died and the 1st track is of sid crying out for “taz!!” his gandads nickname…