Therapist reacts to People=Shit by Slipknot

1:57 Sid jumping into the crowd lmao - “I FUCKING LOST THE CAMERA, WE GOTTA GET IT BACK MAN!”

Not saying Slipknot is bad now. I still enjoy their music, but man do I miss “Iowa” Slipknot.

this song is who i am i feel


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Heartsupport I learned something new about myself today not sure how to feel about lol

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The only therapist I’ve seen dive into slipknot and what they mean. Props to you.

I’ve always interpreted this song as a lash out against the people in the music industry who weren’t getting Slipknot and also as a way of empowering oneself to, yes “stop your bitching and fight your way through it”.
This was released on Slipknot’s second album Iowa, but they we’re using People = Shit in their live shows back in the late ‘90’s when they were promoting their first record. Plus they would put that on their merchandise before Iowa came out.

I wished my therapist could throw a stank face and headbang like you did. Mine was just dismissive when I tried to use music to communicate feelings.

You’re right some but your missing something important.

I want my therapist to jam out to Slipknot with me! :heart:

I disagree. I think it’s more about fighting to constantly make the effort and being disappointed.

“Don’t come near me, gtfo my face” could be the alternate title of IOWA.

I just thought folk were dicks.