Therapist Reacts to Prison Sex by Tool

You rock girl.

As an adoptee My cycle is abandonment.

Spiral Out, Keep Going

Commenting here because I don’t know any other way to make contact. But, I HIGHLY reccomend that you do “Ana’s song (open fire)” by Silverchair, if you haven’t yet. Super emotional song. I’ve read into what it’s about, and it’s deep AF. But, go in blind and just do what you do and break that sucker down for people who really need it.

Went through this shit as a very young child. Completely blocked it out for years. Like it never happened. I always knew something was always wrong but couldnt place it. Shit wrecked my life for 30 plus years. Psychedelics finally gave me the perspective and introspection to let it all go

Ironically you said “dead inside” listen to Undertow. “Shit adds up at the bottom”

Need a video for opiate and right in two.

I dont like TOOLs first singles they released way back in the day.

These Tool reaction videos are fantastic, well done

Why does the lead singer of Tool hide?
He explains, “a lot of the songs are a personal journey for him and he has a hard time with the glare of the lights when he’s trying to reproduce these emotions for the audience. He needs a bit of personal space, and he feels more comfortable in the shadows.” (net content)

You should check out Wings For Marie, Part 2

yeah the song is about the experience of a rape vic and also the rapist’s POV

Danny Carey…There is NO SUBSTITUTE.

Note: Turn the Volume up to 13 - - - Your Welcome

A glimpse into Maynards brain…horrifying beauty…she was not prepared

I heard the singer was abused by his stepfather

Okay, and what happens if you are your own abuser? What happens when you become the same person who kills innocence? Sometimes we confuse our desires as if those desires were part of us. The song talks about how one of those desires, the desire of the flesh or other bodies, ends up condemning the innocence and goodness within us, and we end up accepting all that perversion as if it were us. The perversion feels complete, but it knows it has destroyed and extinguished the good and innocent within one. That’s why, being complete and seeing what it has destroyed, the verse of the song says, “you look so precious.” We believe we are good and righteous and assume desires within us as if they were part of us, and the question is if we are the desires of the flesh or our selfishness or hatred and identify with them, then what differentiates us from an animal? Are we just what we feel? In that sense, love simply does not exist, and I ask you a question, dear psychologist: how do you know that what you feel is love when you look at someone else and not something else like attachment, emptiness, or fear of being alone? Is the only purpose of our life really to satisfy our desires and that’s it? If we feel the need to satisfy a desire, do we have to encourage others to satisfy their own? “Do unto others as you have done unto yourself.” I just ask one thing: if we are slaves to our desires, then are we free? That we don’t know how to remove our chains doesn’t mean we should accept them, you know?

What would happen if we realized that everything we identify with—passions, joys, happiness—in other words, good or bad emotions, were actually our own chains? Emotions are conditional and limited. With positive emotions, if you lose what makes you feel that way, you lose what you call happiness, goodness, or righteousness. So, it is not true happiness; rather, we are attached to something that makes us feel happiness. I highly recommend the series “Serial Experiments Lain” to address this. Anything good that one does, if one expects something in return, then there are no good people, only the need to satisfy a desire, fill a void, or flee from a fear, and that is sad. Children are happy, and before that, they had no attachments nor suffered from the things of the world. It was until we started to live them that those emotions were gestated in us, to enslave our innocence and put us to sleep forever. That psychology doesn’t know how to eliminate things like hatred doesn’t mean we should accept it as part of us and direct it towards something good. Hatred is hatred, no matter how subjective or focused you want to make it, and feeling hatred, whether good or bad, only makes you a slave to hatred.

Seems the poor individuals abused needing to gain this awareness are doomed to need to relive this abuse the rest of their life in awareness??? !!! How awful almost as awful as the abuse itself. It is difficult to think of much worse.

Seems that this type of thing shows that the abused need WAY MORE help than they get and more than when they even say they are ok, seem to be ok, etc! That seems to be the place to break the cycle if possible

I’ve told my story to one person, and I’ll probably never tell it again… you do not understand how bad I needed this reaction :zipper_mouth_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::grin: