Therapist Reacts to Prison Sex by Tool

Ok, I’ve got a legit question. I was abused, and at times in the past I’ve felt myself in that cycle - close to becoming a perpetrator (of physical and emotional abuse), but I managed to pull myself back from the brink…Now I’m in a more healthy place with a clear conscience. But I know the potential is inside us all to do something horrible under the right circumstances, and of course some people are just evil and enjoy hurting others…
But let’s say you have been an abuser and you did hurt someone, but you regret it and want to change. Only you can’t admit that to a therapist or even make amends to your victim without maybe going to prison forever. Is it possible to become better without facing those consequences? Or will you always live with the guilt unless it’s paid for?
I know that my abuser has no regrets and would do it all again, (based on their attitude) but I sometimes imagine them having some epiphany and coming to me begging for forgiveness. Then I figure even if they had a change of heart, they still wouldn’t do that because I could then turn around and destroy them. It’s kind of a catch 22. “Oh, you’re really sorry you abused me? Sure you want to lose everything?”. If the answer is no, how can they be sorry? But then who would ever say yes?
I know my own mother was scared of getting help for her anger issues because she didn’t want to tell the therapist she was hitting me in case I got taken away from her, but she still needed help to stop hitting me. In the end she just said “if I’m abusing my son then I don’t deserve to have him anyway”, and she was relieved when they helped her instead of reporting her, told her she wasn’t abusive she just needed coping mechanisms…But that always made me wonder, because therapists are obliged to report illegal conduct, maybe an anonymous therapist for all the horrible people in the world might not be a bad idea. If they can admit they’re doing something illegal safely, maybe they’ll stop?
“Hey guys, are you bashing your wife and want to stop but don’t know how? Call this number and talk to someone.”
Is that ethical? Or legal? Would any therapist even agree to do it?

LOL, the face you make in the beginning in response to the “string scratch” sound… h i l a r i o u s

Yeah this is probably the roughest Tool song. Lots of their dark songs are somewhat abstract, but there is no detaching from this song. At all times, you know exactly what he’s talking about

Take a deep breath and let it out it will be ok , Prison Sex is a song about incest.:roll_eyes:

Maybe listen to the unedited versions of tool music videos

This must be the clean version. Should have been “blood and c__ on my hands”

Took me a minute to close this video, the RBF is big on this one.

2nd fav Tool song.

#1 “opiate”

Isn’t this about religion and basically forcing your children to believe what you do? “Hands bound, head down, eyes closed” just like children praying at a church pew. There’s a lot more to it but honestly I just don’t wana type it all out

Lol yea I think it’s fair to say that most people who have heard this song don’t know the lyrics. It does have a great beat to it

Maynard mother Judith was really really religious which is probably why Maynard doesn’t like religion. Maynard is the lead singer in the group A Perfect Circle too and one of their hit songs is titled Judith and it’s about his mom and religion. I really don’t think Maynard was molested or anything like that.

I don’t think Maynard is singing about personal experiences in this song.

The lead singer Maynard James Keenan has a pretty cool background. He was a student at the United States Military Academy at West Point at one time believe it or not. He dropped out obviously and then went to a community college in Arizona and majored in Art. The guitar player Adam Jones is a freaking genus and so is the drummer Danny Carey. Both just amazing at what they do.

That sound when the song first starts do you know what it is? It’s a ball going over a roulette wheel it’s slowed down and tweaked a little bit but that’s what the sound is.

This is why I don’t go to a therapist.