Therapist Reacts to Rammstein - Dicke Titten

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Therapist analzyes Dicke Titten by Rammstein to discuss the ways in which people often prioritize superficial qualities over actual compatibility and they often do that to try to validate something within themselves.


lol love this song…

Gotta love big tigobitties

Still need to check out Weak and Powerless by A Perfect Circle

This is gonna be funny :rofl:.

Luv ur content :two_hearts:

Just in case you missed it, the mental health aspect you can pull from this song is that sometimes what we want is all around us, and we just aren’t able to see it (Till’s character is blind).

You absolutely should react to Deutschland from Rammstein 99.9% sure you will like it heheh !

Can wait till outro…

Definitely check out their song “Deutschland”. So much (painful) history. And the lyrics will make it an interesting video for you to go through.

Now you know ladys… :wink:

this song sounds awesome but i hate the lyrics💀

Hi there. So can u react to Fear Factory for me. The song is Fear Campaign. I really think it’s a great subject to discuss. Fear is always a big deal in most of our lives.

This song is weird by them but hilarious, and your reaction is funny

It would be great to see a mental helath reaction to Ohne Dich (Without You) by Rammstein. Really hope that’s in the pipeline since it’s one of my favorite tunes by them!

lol favorite song from zeit album.

I love your channel so I like to comment and like, but I have to tell you I HATE Rammstein so much. There are so many better German bands. My words to Rammstein are: fick dich.

You say you can react to anything.
You should watch Rammstein original video for Pussy. But you won’t be able to show it on YouTube

the lyrics are a good bit of the message, but I feel like the music video says that he’s blind to all the good he already has around him.

Can we again hear the bands name? RAMMSTEIN?

So we´re doing this song about big tits, but not a reaction to TOOL - Invincible??? I´m a bit disapointet…