Therapist Reacts to Richard's Tale (inspired by Ren)

You are such a fucking angel. Thanks for you, Ren, Levi and Heartsupport!

Wow… don’t think I’ve ever seen real poetry performed by someone who (presumably) extremely proficient at it. This was incredible - thank you!

Please react to falling in reverse Ronald.

I just found your channel and I love it! Music is often the only way I can get some of my emotions out. I strongly encourage you to check out some of Falling in Reverse. Many of their tracks are insanely emotional for a hardcore band, and the frontman Ronnie has a great story and attitude.

The Trilogy:

  1. Losing my Mind
  2. Losing my Life
  3. Drugs

The New Series:

  1. Popular Monster
  2. Voices in My Head
  3. Watch the World Burn
  4. Ronald

The Redone Old tracks: (very emotional)
I’m not a Vampire (reVamped)
The drug in me is you (reimagined)

They also did a beautiful cover of “Last Resort” by Papa Roach

I’m surprised that you of all people haven’t listened to “Therapy?” yet!

You really gotta check out something from Boundaries - Burying Brightness (Album) or Your receding warmth(Album) or his new album Death is little more. The lyrics are so powerfull. Here are some songs: I’d rather not say, Burying Brightness, This is what is like, Is Survived by, Written and Rephrased, Get Out, Resent and Regret, No one will mourn you here, My body is a cage, Realize and Rebuild, Face the Blade, Easily Erased, A Pale light lingers.

Sorry i know maybe i put a lot of songs here, but trust me the last 3 albums are 10/10. Powerfull Lyrics, breakdowns, riffs, song structure etc… Hope you enjoy like i do and is worth a reaction. Most underrated band in the hardcore/metalcore scene.:100:

You should check out the song Outdated by No bragging rights very relevant to your channel and a badass song

Pure Latin for Police Officer is Copitika. I have been arrested before, nine times, Protesting JFK’s assassination and the fact that Hillary Clinton Won the Election in 2016. Nobody knows this man’s struggle, but Him. Find My Father In Heaven. Recover.

Divine Intervention is Always Veiled at First. Alcohol is never the answer. I am not an alcoholic. It comes. It is possible to Recover.

I have two songs from one artist:
Joyner Lucas; “Best for me” and “I’m Sorry”. Looking forward to your thoughts one these two very deep and amazing songs.

This was incredible and emotional !
I’d love it if Ren was to add this to the end of the tales.

Hi idk how to start…im just so lost lately…me and my wife live in our truck out in the middle of the nv desert on blm land…we lost everything during covid… I’ve been out of work now for almost 1 1/2 now… filling and filling out apps with no answers…if it wasn’t for my wife and her part time job…we would be fucked…we are just getting by, with no help from anyone…no food stamps, no medical help nothing. I’ve been feeling useless lately… My wife so strong and keeping us a float…and idk…so down…when she’s at work i just cry by myself in my fuckin truck…staring at a desert day in and day out. I do have my dogs… they may not speak,but do give me unconditional love. Idk what im getting at, maybe just venting…but yeah just lost!!;;