Therapist reacts to Save Me by Jelly Roll

One of the reactions i seen from people on youtube that made this song hit harder from me was from the charismatic voice. She said from the parts where he is not singing just harmonizing “ooo oo ooo” part it was almost like a lullaby he is singing to himself and that just floored me cause it kind of is after all the pain and feelings he let out he needs a moment to calm himself.

Been down for awhile love this song but blue October has been my go too too start my addiction songs like this make me realize something is going on

My god father passed away with the first round of COIVD, my dad passed 1 year later, my mom got sent to a nursing home and then my 14year old dog also passed…It is extremely hard to relate to anyone on an emotional level at the moment,…but we make due…This song hits hard… That is really all I have to say…

My Fiancee left me at the beginning of the year after 5 1/2 years of being together. Since then, Ive drank more than I have in the past seven or eight years combined. Up until now Id have the occasional drink socially, but now I drink on the weekends to unwind from the week of fighting my thoughts, (I refuse to drink when I have work the next day)

At this point Ive withdrawn myself and basically go to work, come home, eat, sleep and repeat through the week, then on the weekend I drink to drown out my thoughts.

Jelly Roll nailed it, I feel like a lost cause, I feel damaged beyond repair. I saw everything with my ex and now I feel like a hollow person. I feel like Ill never recover from the heartbreak.

8:06 “I am afraid my future will look like my past” fuckked me all the way up with this. this whole train of thought.

I feel like there is a parody found in this song that is very overlooked and is big part of why so many of us fail to get out of our head and improve and grow emotionally.
The intro to the song :“Somebody save me!”
The entire rest of the song :“Don’t waste your time on me!”
We all want so badly to improve and change but we all too often push the very people who want to help, and can help, away because we are scared to change, or our pride won’t let us accept their help. It is a vicious cycle, a black hole that sucks us in if we can’t find courage and humility.

Ive been lost and broken since i was 15, im now 41. My mind is like broken glass

I have just come across your YouTube and you explain things so eloquently, as I personally with Depression, anxiety, chronic pelvic pain I came across a song recently and I think that you would love it and the meaning in the song is so profound.

I have linked the some down below, as I new watcher I hope you could time the time to watch and react to it because it is so meaningful even if it hurts.

It’s by Citizen Soldier Ft Lo Spirit and you should also check out any of Lo spirits songs as well because the same goes for them.