Therapist reacts to Save Me by Jelly Roll

More jelly roll please… So you can further explain why his music heals me…

Heyoo. Great rection video. I do have a new song recommandation. Maybe you will take it in consideration. F.Hero x Bodyslam x Babymetal - ‘leave it all behind’. It is a very powerfull song and a powerfull message.

God Bless you J! Your music and your story just reaches in and grabs ahold of my soul. God Bless your beautiful family y’all are such an inspiration to me, I have fostered and adopted 3 children at birth whom was born addicted to so many drugs and alcohol so I pray your story will be inspiring to them as well, they have come through so much and will have many other struggles especially my oldest he also has genetic issues. I already talk to them about life and talk to them about your and Bunny’s story and all you guys have overcome.! Thank you so much Keep up Gods work

This song relates totally to me. I have lost so many family members in the last 3 years, first my dad then my husband then my mom then 4 people I went to school with. This is how it went dad on may 28 , 2020 the husband January 24, 2021 then mom on Feb 17th 2021 then people I went to school with on March 19 2021. Then my older sister on November 21, 2023. So sad every single day. That at times I feel like I don’t belong here anymore.

Fight a bear in NYC? Lol. Up here in the Catskills we fight real bears. :heart:Taylor​:grin: not Swift.

I am very surprised that I haven’t seen you react to Inside the Fire by Disturbed. It is an extremely powerful song dealing with suicide and overwhelming grief. The lyrics take the role of the Devil speaking to a grieving man that finds his girlfriend/wife after she had committed suicide. The devil attempts to use the grief to convince the man that the only way to see her again is to also commit suicide. It is a disturbing look into the extreme power and grief and loss to influence one into a life ending decision. I think you should have a reaction on this!

Can the next reaction be to NF/Hopsin “Lost”

This song really makes me think about connection and addiction. That one of the biggest factors (perhaps THE biggest) in whether or not someone becomes an addict is whether they have strong social connections. And then, when they are addicts, it becomes a loop that’s hard to get out of because they push people away.

You should watch Blue October fear really great song

I’d love to see you react to “l’enfer des dieux” (Gods’ hell) by Mass Hysteria, a french metal band. The song was written after the Paris terrorists attacks in 2015… A lot to say :wink:

Please react to Snuff by Slipknot it’s been voted as the saddest metal song of all time it makes me tear up every time I listen to it and also Vermillion pt.2 is very similar

Jelly Roll is the man! Our stories are similar. Drug & alcohol abuse, prison, toxic relationships. Been clean and sober for 28 years now.
You should look at She by him. Deals with more addiction.

Hopelessness doesn’t come from sadness, it comes from a lack of purpose and nihilism. Find a reason to live. Find a reason to kick the drugs and alcohol. Nothing else works.

Thank you for your insights into this song, I think I will listen to this video many times today. And maybe one day I can face my addiction.

Girl, you making me cry. You validated my feelings .:heartpulse: @HeartSupport

:earth_americas::zap:Ive lived in NASH-EVIL,Tennessee since 2003. Originally from Chesapeake VA. “” Jason aka jelly roll" was not a good guy. His dad… terrible. " Fat guy in a little coat​:blush:!" ". GESARA. 2024. THE GREAT AWAKENING. BABYLON HAS FALLEN ! THANK YOU GALACTIC FEDERATION, TRUMP, JFK SR/JR, MILITARIES AROUND THE WORLD, AND ALL OF YOU BEHIND THE SCENES YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. WELCOME BACK AND THANK YOU​:earth_africa::pray::earth_africa::heart:

Thanks I for the video I found a new favorite song first time I hear it and i love it

I am so afraid that ppl on the edge right now may absorb this pain in song and self harm. Do not go that route. My family members r on their own paths. Self medication is a real thing. One family member is very open abt his path. He found his way. One of his brothers lies abt his addiction. The other is open then recoils. They both keep jobs but imagine their pain. The two still addicted lost both parents to addiction.

I’m a alcoholic I’m a 4th generation of alcoholic. So yea this some touch my soul because I havhe had these feelings. The only thing that saved me is my son without him I probably be 6 feet under.

Jellyroll says he writes music for the broken and lost. You should do “SHE” by jelly it hits me hard. As mental hearth therapist you can add lot to that song.