Therapist reacts to Schism by Tool

The end of the song says i know the pieces fit 8 times. this is relevant because only by continually telling yourself that you know how this began can you find the strength to strive for that spiral or circle to come back around

This is my first pick, for music on Mars. Lmfgdao

It feels just like music😂

Doesn’t matter it is now an iconic song

It’s pure and sad😂…

most of Tools artwork and videos are done by Adam Jones, in the band, . he also did special effects for a bunch of movies, like the T1000 in terminator 2.

Maynard has 2 other bands. can i suggest ‘Pucsifer’ - the humbling river, and ‘A perfect circle’ - the noose

All this greatness inspired by a simple argument over furniture

I like your take but you missed the imagery when he pulled the little thing out of his chest and it turned to roots that blossomed back into the other that reconnected back to be one whole. But if you weren’t a tool fan before hope you are now. Powerful and meaningful lyrics with string instrumental backing to help you feel it.

You keep using the word ‘partner’ I’m alone af.

Thanks, miss… your reaction to this vid/music really helped me understand… (Even though I’ve heard it 1000 times)

I’m grateful. Thank you!:heart: God bless

I love you. I’m just discovering you breaking down my favorite songs as I am beginning therapy and it is amazing. Thank you!!

Could you please, please, please analyze DREDG - INFORMATION!! Thank you for sharing and teaching through your knowledge! Understanding Heals!

She starts the video by barking like a dog