Therapist reacts to Schism by Tool

I want to show my therapist your channel. Music is a HUGE side talking point in my sessions and i think you would have been an amazing therapist for me.
Keep doing your thing, youre great!

What do I have to donate to get a reaction/analysis to stonesour/bother? Shit might save my life.

Since she’s a therapist she should’ve listened to Sober

Man… I so want to see you react to some Type O Negative.

7:49, eso es lo que se llama un jalón de orejas :ear::ear::ear:, es algo así traducido como un, estate quieto! un sosegate. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:… algo filosóficamente hablando como un: sea majadero!! … pero hilando muy fino … fino fino fino =)

Maynard blew the therapist mind.
Won’t be the first of the last time.

Gen X you analyze things great.

Forty six & 2, based on Jung and shadow work.

Schism reacts to therapist… :grimacing:

I discovered TOOL right after my 28 year marriage failed in divorce. They might very well have saved my life.

I would love to see your take on “Judith” by A Perfect Circle… the story behind the song, and his anger and frustration in his voice is incredible.

This song has been in constant rotation in my life for as far back as I can remember, and yet somehow I never knew it was a Tool song. I always liked the song, but never saw the need to seek out because, like I said, it was always there.

The entire album is about the slow death of a relationship and it really surprises me how many people don’t seem to pick up on that. Once you realise it though, lyrics that might have seemed abstract before suddenly lay their subject matter bare for all to see. Schism is the clearest example but it’s what they’re all about (minus the area 51 voicemail but if i had to hazard a guess off the top of my head I’d say it’s supposed to riffing on the idea of running away, not looking back and not being able to un-know something no matter how much you wish you could)

Of all the many reactions I’ve been watching lately of the many metal songs that I love and have known for a long time, this one has really hit and can be applied to my life in the present moment. Thank you for your point of view and takeaway.

Thank you for sharing and seeing what we as fans have feel in love with :heart_eyes:now go to a concert and have your mind blown :blush: and do what they say and listen and watch instead of filming it! Whole different dimensional experience!

Try Sober is one the best masterpices of TOOl band try it taylor

The song is about poor communication, things feeling off.
The time signature being what it is, and the instruments arranged as they are, it makes the listener feel out of sync.
I feel like I hover when I hear this song. Not very high off the ground, but enough to know the gravity has changed.

Ive heard this song so many times and listening to it today and hearing your take on it are really uncovering things within my own marriage. Ive been looking for a couples therapy. Amazed at how much this helps. Thats why I love Tool. Have since I was a teenager.

I never listened to this song that deeply, thank you