Therapist reacts to Schism by Tool

Are you reacting to the music or to the video. As a Tool fan I find it disrespecting to see you laughing at the art

Please do a reaction to wings for Marie and 10,000 days (wings pt2).


You do not listen to Tool… It’s a spiritual journey… They are Not just a Rock band…
So, it’s not for everyone… And it’s just perfect like that…

Took me a bit to figure out, but here’s how I see it: “Schism” is all about a relationship where communication’s a struggle and what used to be strong bonds are falling apart. When they keep saying “I know the pieces fit,” it’s like they’re holding onto hope that things can get better, even though it’s tough right now. The lines about “mildewed and smouldering” show there are old issues building up, and “fundamental differing” tells you there are deep disagreements making things hard to sort out. They talk about “testing our communication,” showing how hard it is to say what you really need or feel. Wanting to “bring the pieces back together” shows they want things to be like they were, but they also get that blaming each other just makes it worse. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, we’re in a mess, but we can fix it if we find a way to talk and understand each other again.”

Tool’s Cool! :+1::sunglasses::tada::guitar: