Therapist Reacts to Search By NF

If you think NF is amazing you should listen to Sleep Token. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on them❤

I’ve listened to this song once a day since it dropped. Not necessarily because of my mental concerns(although this helps), this is a pinpoint precision rap song with a world class epic beat.

the fact this only has 3.9k likes is outrageous

A really sensitive topic for me. I was with a very abusive partner for 5 years. I gave up so much of my savings, my life, my hobbies, my friends, and fought with my family for her. Broke it up with her because she gave me a harsh ultimatum to give up everything I had left after all that. Best decision I ever made, but it’s been almost a year and I’m still not fully healed mentally.

NF fan here​:fire::fire:

React to LOST!..

The shopping cart is something to him. Perhaps his mind that has the baggage or doubts that are attached. It looks difficult to push through the dirt and un even landscape, and a place to hide in like he did in the end. Just a thought.

“How could you leave us” then “mama”… those are more then just songs.

Welcome to the nf journey. Buckle up. Love from Cali :heart: The next one should be mansion.

The mind is absolutely not the self!! This is a game-changing realization for anyone. The mind is a tool used for analysis of your surroundings. You can use it to compute if-then, inputs, and outputs. The danger comes when you don’t have all of the variables to plug in. How often do you know absolutely everything?

Another way the mind baits you into suffering is when it compares yourself to others and you take heart in the analysis.

If you compare favorably, you suffer pride.

If you compare unfavorably, you suffer jealousy.

The mind judges, the heart accepts. Use meditation to silence the mind just for a while. Be in your heart space and feel what that is like compared to being “normal.”

If you really want to level up, go look into “ego death.”

First thing ive seen from you, love your genuine reaction. Youre going to love nf. Hes been my “therapist” for years now

Recently found out I’m Bipolar type 2. Spent years trying to bury and burn the side of me I couldn’t control. Now I’ve got to face it and while I’m always looking for a fight, I’m not sure I can win this one on my own.

No cap you’ve become my favourite NF Reactor!:black_heart:

I love NF- I Have a artist for you…Tom MacDonald ‘’-Don’t Look down’’ , ‘‘Dear Rapper’s’’ Or ‘‘This House’’ any of those songs.

Great reaction, new sub. Can you do Dax’s Depression or The Abyss another very deep artist that paints pictures with his lyrics

This was really good but it was so funny to hear him go “just hang with me with will only take a moment ok?” Then you immediately pause lmaoo

And the journey begins……

yeah, hes the most amazing rapper ive ever listened to. every song is similar, different, a journey of its own design, created to lure you in, and learn about not just his demons, but his hopes in the later albums.

React to NF - How could you leave us. Just have your tissues near by !

Nfs songs are so powerful. You need to do his songs suffice, pandemonium,layers,know a few of my favorites