Therapist Reacts to Search By NF

Bad things - I prevail…

This is one of my favorite songs. NF has a lot of great songs for you to breakdown. He helped me through a lot of my mental health journey.

My favorite NF song by far

Stoked u were able to find NF. Reactors who have the ability to understand NFs message through his lyrics. When watching others react to NF I notice the ones who have a therapist or social workers mind are the reactors who are my favorite ones to follow along on their journey because they get where he is coming from

I am so sorry. I can’t watch this. Way too many camera angles too often. However I can just have it in another tab and listen to it all.

Listen to Trauma from NF.

Paid my dues should be your next nf song

Marry Me Please!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

again, LOVE this song, rap is also good as well

I don’t like lots of rap tho but this one is just Crazy good

I’m looking for the map to Hope, (Album) whatttt

Please do a reaction to Hatebreed. “Perseverance”, “looking down the barrel of today” or “To the threshold” are probably the best intro songs to them. This is a band who’s music literally saved my life 4/12/19

For the love therapy GO BACK AND WATCH/LISTEN TO his albums in order by RELEASE DATE!!! You will thank and the many others that have told you in these comments.

sounds like you wasted money

This is my 1st time on this channel and I wanna share something out of context that few may know or relate to - some humans exist who can drain out his/her own psychiatrist, I hope who ever is reading this can catch my drift, I can’t explain more - If I could I wouldn’t have written this but explained it to the girl who is trying to help me. Subbed! Cheers!

This song hits every note give me the biggest Goosebumps of any song NF is a real soldier I came straight from the bottom up you got me out of my addiction and out of my own head and I can’t say how thankful I am you let me know I can save my own life

Hate these reaction videos, tmd

So, commenting on the cinematic congruency… that’s the genius of Tommee Profitt. His resume and discography are insanely good. His Christmas album is top tier. You’re welcome in advance

There’s nothing but pain but you stay here because you love the people around you enough not to cause them anymore. The whole time you just suffer through it

Also notice he is in the desert, the wilderness.