Therapist Reacts to Search By NF

Looking for the map to hope. Wow. That gave me chills.

Wanna put you onto UK drill CB plugged in part 2 in particular

How the hell have you managed to go this long without reacting to Bo Burnham??
It just makes no sense that you haven’t had requests for him. He’s perfect for a reaction channel with your background.

Weeellllll shiiiiit​:open_mouth: the search is just normal paet of his mental well being n shit, new way of taking this search video but yes i kinda agree very astute​:heart::heart:

“Map of hope”. Then the song hope where he has the map of hope

What about “hope” by NF…

I’m glad there’s someone who can memorize several lines of music just by listening to it once :joy:

Welcome to the NF train…

The funny thing is the NF concert was yesterday and this was on of the songs. Leave a like if you went or saw videos about the concert

NF is my idol he is literally the main reason I am alive I love this man and I listen to his music constantly when I feel su1c1dal or just depressed I just sit in my room and listen to his music and it helps so much I just hope it can help others :slight_smile:

she vibes with it so thats good, and this song hits hard

Hope next…

i love nf and i love the search

I was watching the start of this, saw here faces she was making, and though “oh lord this girl is about to have a Karen moment.” So it’s safe to say I was glad she actually started talking about the music and analyzing it.

13:00 I second this. Villains are there to show how bad we CAN be, not how bad we WILL be.

7:15 ya i do
i do think it’s normal at my age tho

I love how you break down the underlying message in the lyrics. It was a ton of fun watching

So I started seeing a counselor, she told me I’m a difficult person to understand, I asked her to listen to this to understand better. NF nailed it in this one, and alot of his others

NF help me through so many episodes of pain, I love his music and his messages.

very interesting hearing a different interpretation on his message

love your stank face at 8:18

The movie analogy made me think about how when you’re worried that the characters are going to die, you just see that there is more movie. We have to remember that we also have more time in our movie.