Therapist reacts to Sick Boi Ren

You should do Genesis by Ren…

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You’ve made me cry twice now… When you were talking about CSA in Violet’s Tale amd now with this… I need a therapist like you. I have DID and life is so hard.

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Do you have a personal therapy site or ftf sessions? Bc I feel like you might work for me. I’m an army vet and I haven’t found anyone but one person that helped me but she went somewhere else. And I can’t get her again.

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This is the truth 100 :100: bc I used to not only work in the medical field then became a lyme patient at age 30 and I’m going on 62. I’ve been told to breathe in and breathe out. I’ve been told a million times that my physical pain from a tick bite and lyme disease was 12:58 probably mental when they couldn’t find the true cause. I was dying from my cortisol being bottomed out in an adrenal crisis and no one would listen. Ren had a tick bite and autoimmunity and given psychiatric meds as they did with me also and the psychiatrist said it was physical not mental and she was the only one to help me try to find the physical problem. It’s a joke how lyme patients are treated .

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your analogy about the soldier with the bullet wound is roughly accurate. Unfortunately for the TBI PTSD and moral injuries those men are still filed as disposable

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thank you for this video! long time fan of ren here and can relate alot to his songs. this video brings even more light on something thats not spoken enogh abt. very power full video

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I love how you said were jot sick were hurt. Being sick implies that your broken and needing to be fixed. Some people who have been hurt need to be taught different ways to manage life not some quick fix that will only make it so everyone else can not deal with the problem. Being hurt and finding a way beyond the hurt (or in some cases like autism) ]people need to find a different way of life than what they were before. Being sick and getting that snake oil treatment only masks the issue so it’s not seen as bad to other people but is still very much an issue for the person affected by this. Being hurt and getting treatment for being hurt changes the quality of life for the individual. Unfortunately most people see others as being sick and not hurt. That’s why he says it’s the world that’s sick. There’s this divide in the human race that is making us sick.

As someone who has struggled with chronic depression for 50 years I feel compelled to acknowledge you for your approach…
Sending you Love and Light on your journey…
Thank you!

I do need a therapist. Can you be my therapist?

I was told to “try these meds, and we will touch base in 3 months” during the worst time of my life.

I dunno if this’ll help, but: 10:44 - @renmakesmusic :slight_smile:

I had a meeting with a PTSD specialist, she talked about her car and then we never rescheduled. That was not on my part, mind you, but their office itself just never called.

Thank you for saying everything you said here; I can’t tell you how much it helped me reframe what’s going on.

I get what you were trying to say but in Rens case he WAS sick - He had Lyme Disease. The psychological trauma ‘The hurt’ was a symptom.

With all the respect in the world here Ren has helped me more than any doctor or therapist could ever hope to. Mainly because he makes me feel less alone. his lyrics made me realise that there are others that feels exactly like I do. I am 42 years old and I have yet to meet a doctor or a therapist that hasn’t let me down or straight up made me worse. Its a terrible thing to live without hope. For many of us there is only one way out. I gave up seeing doctors entirely because as a man they are just not interested in helping me. and that’s if I’m lucky enough to get a doctors appointment at all. I tried to get a doctors appointment two years ago for some very worrying bowl symptoms, I was told I had to wait 18 weeks to see a doctor. I waited like a good little boy and even used my last day of holiday for the appointment only for them to cancel it 2 hours before the appointment. I never bothered rebooking it. If I’m completely honest I really hope it is bowl cancer because I am completely done with this world. I can’t trust anyone at all anymore. He is right. the world is sick and I’m sick of having to watch it. The human race is a disease, a cancerous tumor that needs to be cut out and destroyed. Things will never get better and greed will always win. Now my only problem is I’m taking to long to die.

pretty much the state of the UK’s metal health services, Under funded, too many patients vs therapist, so you either wait 9 months + too see someone or you get pushed through the system so fast it doesn’t help. My story is simular to rens Auto immune disease, phsycosis, been told its in my head, my minds making me sick etc. didn’t help that the phsycosis was drug induced due to pain medication given to me for the pain from my Auto immune disease. I pretty much had to rely on myself and very good friends to get better.

Definitely check out DEPRESSION by Ren

I will say sick boi because sick boi is better hock not hurt boi

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LOL, luv ur reaction !!!