Therapist reacts to Sick Boi Ren

LOL, luv ur reaction !!!

wish I had you as a therpist! Great insights. Keep up the good work

Would love to help my mental health if it came at a cost I could afford

I can understand Ren very well. I have a metabolic disorder hereditary… I noticed it when I was 13, getting bad in school sports. When I was 20 I had anxiety problems, went to doctors and said it’s from my heart. I felt it.

But noone believed me, everything seemed ok, no overweight, low bloodpreassure… they sent me to psychologists, I got my pills… seratonine blockers and so on… I started taking weed because it helped. I already had a psychosis so what… I wasn’t able driving a car, learn, study, take care of anything. When I was 42 I had my first severe heart attack because of it.

I got stents and now they saw I had real problems with my heart… 20 years later! Since then everything got better. I can ride motorcycle, I don’t need weed or anything else. I have a son and I work as software developer. But didn’t help much, so I got two bypasses 3 weeks ago, I had the same symptoms like 4 years before so I went to the hospital again. It’s painful, but I go on, I will fight for my life. I’m 46 now. Let’s go. Don’t let them tell you what you have. You are the one who is aware of your body. You know what your problems are.
If the only solution is to send you to a psychologist, it must not be the case. Ask another doctor, inform yourself, be aware of the temple of your soul. I found out I was right the last 20 years.

I had many problems in that time. You know something is wrong but they say it is psychologic disorder… you are getting weaker year by year and people see that and treat you like the weakest sheep in the herd, on the street, in the job, everywhere, like natural selection. And that also puts weight on your own problems. So you get better pills from the doctors… like a spiral downwards.
I’m happy I was right, getting the right treatment and can be here a few more years for my son. I could have been dead the second time in my life. Watch yourself. That’s all I can say. Hope it helps someone. You are maybe not crazy without a reason. :heart:

Reminds me of the VA… we’ll only treat the symptoms not fix the problem and we’ll do it with some pills, your next appointment is in 6-8 months.

This is an excellent reaction to a Ren video I hoped Taylor would react to. She did not disappoint.

Don’t you want to SLAP her? Yeah, decades of inexperieced people dealing out the new best drug. THERAPY is the answer. Not just having “somone to vent to” but someone who can guide you on your own journey, not offering platitudes and not being…ugh…SMUG. I am happy to see the forward movement in the mental health treatment field. I am able to look forward to my very last decade or so of life with some kind of peace. Quality of life!!! Way too much violence, people just losing it on society in general…FACE IT we all need some therapy. We aren’t sick, we aren’t well, we are HUMAN and we need to be educated in how to work through our problems. We are not victims, we are STUDENTS who need information and direction. A lot fewer “sick” people with the right help. Please, Dear Gods; we need it. Be a TEACHER…Pay it forward. P.S.: In the last year, two of my friends who were experencing sudden onset mental distress…were tested for Lyme disease. Positive. We can work back from there. Start working on the physical problems. I am so personally grateful to Ren Gill.

Professional deformation is a thing

:open_mouth:ther is something in your room.

having been polypharmacized i really relate to this and it made me more depressed and angry and “sick” to be treated this way

Thank you so much for your reaction videos! My daughter has struggled with depression,anxiety and suicide. Thank you so much for breaking down these awesome songs by Ren:) It’s battle but a battle worth fighting:))

You need too check out his life story in missing on renmakestuff

You know whats sad? This psychiatrist behavior in this video is not surreal creation, its something that is happening ALL the time. She behaves like every doctor at the mental hospital I’ve met and NO ONE is talking about this abuse we get from the hospitals.