Therapist reacts to Slipknot "The Devil In I"

First time head banger im guessing lol.?!

I feel this song so much.

You are the only therapist I would ever go see.

LOVE this song… been listening to slipknot for YEARS

this makes me angry the song like I go all out and bop hard cause this song is just really FUCKING good! (Mind my language lol) but like I said AMAZING song

I also like ur reaction videos keep up the good work. Your one of the 3 reaction video people I actually watch

keep going :slight_smile:

& just so ur aware AOV sounds 10,000 times better

3:16 the moment she became a slipknot fan!

4:21 no more Corey Taylor

Damn i need a therapist like you

Look inside…

“Hindsight is good,
Foresight is better,
Insight is the best.”

I need to attend a concert with you. Your awesome​:metal:t4::metal:t4::metal:t4:

If I ever get to make a request? It would be: Seether “Fine Again”.

Will you please listen to Wicked Game acoustic?

Love, Love, Love your reacts!!! I love to watch you rock out!!! You ROCK!!!

How you break down lyrics with the song please listen to
Mad season-wale up or stargazer by mother love bone

Both have a dead singer. You can hear the cry out with both. Older songs.