Therapist reacts to Slipknot "The Devil In I"

Attempts to analyze - gets totally swept into the beats

Who is this therapist I need her info. He’ll yeah she killed it

it is the war within us, drugs, suicide, depression, pain you cold go on and on. nice reaction you get into the music

i just gotta say this is my favorite reaction to them of all time usually people dont understand and are disturbed but you were head bangin from the start love it

It’s each others fears
Sid is his fingers eating he’s fears cannibalism
Mick Thompson is pulling his face off same as Sid
Jim is blowing up and Corey too
Alex and jay are on the wheel chairs fear of mental hosptials
Clown is fear of hanging and burning in fire
The two red figures I’m not sure who it is but listen to her the therapist my fear is someone being behind my back any male cause of my past traumatic past brother rape me at 6 he was 10 and my sister 11 and I was 12 I had the face the scary and pain through my 32 years of life

Therapist reacts on everyone’s new trauma

We’re not all demons…

each of those scenes is what each member is afraid of, for example chris fehn (i very much miss him btw) is terrified of birds

Therapist tried to analyze metal band
Ends up a maggot :joy: :metal:

She gets it, but the gore makes her uneasy.

To me this song is about addiction​:cry::cry:

If she didn’t notice the masks changed.

So…relaxing to listen to this song. My favorite.

Please do De Sade by Slipknot

Muchos llevamos el demonio dentro y la mayoría de la gente no sabe el autocontrol que nos cuesta ocultarlo, ojalá fuera un cobarde y no me afectara nada, pero hay cosas que soy incapaz de ver sin actuar y solo me traen problemas…lo peor es que se lo inculque a mi hijo, defender siempre a los debiles y muchos no se lo merecen…no nos queda más remedio que vivir con ello.

Clown said the video was based on their fears.

I love your videos. How you tear the song down to what the lyrics are meaning. And love your facial expressions when the music hits hard. It’s great. I’m 50 been listening to slipknot since Iowa. And been to all their concerts in my area. Corey has got me thru some hard times. You rock and slipknot rocks.

“what is this? starts head banging. welcome to metal enjoy your stay. youre going to be here a long time”

In an interview, they explain that everything that happens to each of them in this video is their worst fear when it comes to dying.

is it just me or has she been more like energized since she reacted to left behind AKA the best song ever in my opinion