Therapist reacts to Solway Firth by Slipknot

I think she’s ready for Infant annihilator…

The way his voice kind of breaks on " I will never go home!" hits me…

Man I love how excited you get on this song!! It’s epic!!

This is one of my favourite songs and your interpretation of it was different to mine and I’m here for it! Thank you! Always love hearing other peoples interpretations and thoughts on songs. What an amazing channel.

@HeartSupport I have a special request of you. Check out the song Equanimity by Scythlord. It’s my favorite Twitch streamers band. Vargskelethor. Real name is Joel. He and his buddy Frank wrote the song to discuss what having a panic attack is like. Joel suffers from an axioty disorder if I recall correctly. But in my opinion, the song can say a lot regarding many mental illnesses and gives the listener a general idea of what it’s like to go through. I relate to the song so much as I have been long under the believe I have a mental illness myself. I dare not say what exactly since I believe self-diagnosing is a bad idea. But it’s such a great song. Here is the link on YouTube with the lyrics:

When I heard that last line for the first time, I cried so hard because it related so much that I haven’t smiled in nearly 14 years now.

This reaction is so real, I could listen to just this one without end.

Metal is therapy…

That giggle is cute…

Listening to this song is such a great energy and emotion release for me.

“So set fire to your ships and past regrets and be free” :fist_right:t4:🫳🏽:microphone:

The worst is when the most pain anyone’s ever caused is you lying to yourself.

I love how you openly show the effects the music & clip had on you, while still keeping up and analysing the psychological stuff.

I (big metal fan) sometimes forget how shocking this whole genre (the music itself, also the lyrics and often the videos) can be.
Also I loved your interpretation <3 thx

Dammit. We live in a world where Corey Taylor needs therapy. Fu&k

This song (and the album) came out RIGHT when I was going through a very dark part of my life - my girlfriend left me (and she was the one, or so I believed, and I did A LOT for her), I was in despair.
This song (and the album) kinda helped me…I mean, this album is kinda dark even compared to previous albums (well, except IOWA), so this sound was what I needED at the time.
And yes…I stopped smiling that day. Still can’t. It’s been almost 8 years.

Nic3 song…

Wow! Starlight is also the therapist

Never been to therapy, never will unless I must. She knows what she’s talking about but saying enough is enough and just being successful who don’t even try to understand when you open up is the therapy I need.

Do not let any person overlook you because that is the reason they don’t believe or in my case which is worse, care.

Don’t become an evil person, just be that person who doesn’t connect to anyone who absolutely deserve it.

Listening to Slipknot made me feel I am not all alone feeling this way and that has been really helpful with my anger management. Metal on! “Guys!” (c) no, but close. “Boys”.

I think this song is a masterpiece. Its so dark and miserable.