Therapist reacts to Staind - It's Been A While

Just saw Aaron Lewis a few weeks ago. He played a lot of Staind songs and covers. Great show.

One song Aaron Lewis does that hits my heart deep is ‘Outside’. It explains so much and has truly helped me heal alot.

What about the time my love froze to death in an alleyway?

REQUEST: Wrong Side Of Heaven - Five Finger Death Punch

I would suggest listening to Everything changes or Something to remind you by staind as for Aaron lewis’ (the lead singer) solo stuff i would suggest Whiskey and you

Epiphany & Tangled up in you by them. Nutshell live acoustic. Some Highly Suspect & the amity affliction please!

Zoe Jane please HeartSupport

Staind was my go to band to listen to back in high school (late 90’s, early 2000’s) - Got me through some of the harder times in my youth. I once heard their music genre described as Self-Rock Therapy and always felt like it was fitting. Their music definitely hits you in that part of your soul that helps you get over your troubles.

He does country now, plus lots of patriotic music. He sings with so much heart period.