Therapist reacts to Staind - It's Been A While

I cannot tell you how helpful you are to me. I’ve been listening to these songs for 30 years and did not have that perspective on them. They have always meant something to me. I’ve had some recent things in my life that are similar to The situations going on in this song. You really have my mind thinking another directions when it comes to my favorite music. I lost my son to suicide in 2019 and my wife left me a couple of years later. Since then I have been very alone. Heartbroken that I wasn’t able to keep my family together.

Still one of my favorite songs of all time. Masterpiece.

Love you to do so far away… It’s so my life anthem and I look at it differently every time I hear it depending on where my head is at at the time.

my dad would listen to staind all the time especially this song while i was growing up which lead me to liking the song , i eventually realized we both liked it so much because of the stuff that happened in our childhoods.

Try five finger death punch brighter side of gray

Music like this is what has got me through my darkest days. Being a man I never talk about my feelings. I simply stuff it down and keep fighting. These guys made me feel not so alone.

How do you go back to something that cant be obtained like the vision quality I had four years ago. My eyes are failing and will never get better, only goona get worse

When are you going to work through Dirt by Alice in Chains?

This is Staind’s version of Badfish.

I resonate with this song on so many levels one being my father he and I had a deteriorating relationship, the fighting at one point got so bad you could’ve mistaken it for the European theater ww2, partially my own fault among other things I lament on days of peace past when I was younger but since I’ve gone and fked things up just like I always do I often wonder if they’d ever be repaired yet instead my addiction to video games always allows me to escape the world of sorrow I am the steadfast architect of. It’s been awhile since I’ve had the light in my eyes. Why must I feel this way just make it go away. All that sht seems to go away when I’m with you. My mother who is the casualty of my holy crusade against my father unjustly or not I know not what consequences I render until they lie in my hands shattered beyond repair. It’s been a while since I’ve said I’m sorry for my transgressions and repeated injuries inflicted. I can not blame this on my father he did what he thought was right we both did. Yet failed to see the cost of war. It’s been a while since I could hold my head up high in good faith.

Not your a re little Wrong Miss ., because you only guessed it , all the way the song played , but he was and he still being an addicted every day and couldn’t stop doing it , so it’s even more sad and painful that yall imagine ! All that hell he get into , only love of the person your truly love can save you !!

“Stuck in these Shoes” and follow it up with “Again”

Is there a way to contact you or reach out formally as a therapist and patient? My fiancé has been saying I need to see a therapist to discuss some things. A lot of the songs I’ve seen you review, my feelings are on par with them and I’m ready to finally acknowledge I may need to speak with someone.

Please please do “Dear Agony” by Breaking Benjamin