Therapist reacts to Staind - It's Been A While

The line “i cannot blame this on my father” always resonates with me as a recovering addict with an addict father, it wasnt his fault i used though it was mine and he did the best he could for me too. I love this song such a powerful song for recovering addicts.

This song pulls on my heart strings… I once fell in love with a girl that loved Staind and the day i was supposed to see her and finally ask her out, she committed suicide. Fucked my world up and dropped me into a crazy depression. I helped dig her grave, i have moments when i wonder if i could’ve done something more, maybe i could’ve altered the pain or sadness she was feeling. That’s the thing that sucks the most, the woulda, coulda, shoulda… Tears my heart apart.

omg you damn right keep going to explain us…

The best reaction video I’ve ever seen. Because you really listen. That’s how I know that; your body and your movements really match the rhythm.

Your analisis of this song was so spot on from the perspective of someone in pain, watching it I felt I was being treated by you in an that office, feels good to hear those words of acknoledgement, of recognizing that the pain inside is valid and it shouldn’t stay there.

Damn, That was deep :cry:. I wasn’t expecting that. :cry: * Heart support*

Me and my 18 y. o. (Tomorrow :blush:) Was jamming this song yesterday. This was one of my best friends songs. Made me :cry: when I heard my son listening to it in his ear buds. It was a great vibe and one of the 2 ways we relate!! I also am trying to navigate back to a space of peace, ok’ness, heart intact, ECT after a breakup of 10 years. Really doing a number in me!! Thank you and much love :heart: #Reflections​:cry:

Thank you…

Love your videos!..

thank you. i have depressions and when i’m way down i always wish i could be like i was before - silly, confident, spontaneous, adventurous,… - but i always feel like that’s not possible. so hearing you say “it’s been a while means it can be again” made me sob heavily and gave me hope that it is possible for me to be all of this again. surely not to the extent like before but at least a bit and at least not like now. it gave me hope that i can be able to chase some of my dreams again instead of grieving them. really thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes to things still beeing possible. (english is not my first language, so sorry for wording things strangely)

I got a band for you to try. Please do spite Devil.

Oh man. Blue October has some really powerful stuff too. Love them

Aaron Lewis’s writing in staind is notably introspective, I think that’s why so many people feel it. It’s something that’s not quite a mirror, but rather things you have, or would, or could speak if you were being honest.

I honestly didn’t expect to get so much help from reaction vids. :broken_heart::mending_heart:

This song and your explanation hit it right spot on with the way I feel most of the time

I grew up with Staind and now I truly understand the lyrics.

Need a blind reaction to Five Finger Death Punch - Coming Down

I’ve loved this song since it came out when I was a teenager, and while it’s meaning has changed a lot in that time, it still always resonates… but looking back knowing what I know now, I can see just how much I actually struggled with my mental health even back then.

But thank you for your final words about this song, and it’s actual hopeful message… because I have been really struggling with anxiety and depression for a while now (started experiencing a depressive episode late 2019, and oof the next few years didn’t go so well lol), but what you said about it’s been a long time but not forever, that I know what feeling good is, actually really helped me and my mindset, that I can get back to that place. So thank you, I really love and appreciate your reactions and analyses.

Despite this song being about battling addiction, it’s so relatable for relationships gone bad. Aaron used to have a brilliant way of making his music so relatable to so many people.

The ironic part of this, is he associates it with losing his relationship. However, hes been with his wife since before this song was even released.

Listened a lot to Stain way back after one of my hardest breakups… I am however on the fence regarding if listening to Stain helped me process it or if it just prolonged the suffering.