Therapist reacts to Stinkfist by Tool

React to “the outsider” by a perfect circle

OMG :heart: let me take you to the next Tool concert. You seem like heaps of fun

Please do a video about the noose by A perfect circle

I watched your reactions to tool initially with a mentality of skepticism, as with others, but you really are able to perceive the meaning in their songs and help to relate it to everyday psychological experiences very well. Thanks for being very perceptive to great art and catching it on camera. Keep doing tool vids plz lol!

I still think to this day that Stinkfist is the most excellently produced Tool song, it’s just sonically perfect (down to the last minute details) and is a perfect union of raw aggression and absolute insightfulness.

I’m a Therapist who needs a Therapist

I’m speechless. This was a BRILLIANT & immensely insightful reaction/analysis. Going to share this far & wide. I can’t thank you enough.

Distractive vs. Generative pleasure. Excellent!

This song is cathartic for someone who suffers from addiction.

That worm looking thing at the end of the video is supposed to look like something that would come out of a Prolapsed anus. Not making a word of tnis up. Look it up.

Finger deep. Knuckle deep. Fist deep. Elboe deep.Shoulder deep.
Yea. Let that float around your head.

I’ve seen someone else recommend Always by KIllswitch Engage. I think it would be a great reaction, especially for someone with empathy. It’s a gut-punch of a video. There’s not really a vagueness, it’s straight for the Jugular. I would highly recommend!

Do the noose by the perfect circle

I read an interview article were Maynard explained that the lyrics were inspired by a dream that Justin had whilst under anesthesia during an emergency colonic enema while they were on tour in eastern Europe. However, knowing Maynard’s history of fucking with interviewers, it could very likely be based in tomfoolery.

Coming up next…my reaction video to watching the therapist reaction video to stinkfist

You should add the hollow by A Perfect Circle to your list

Hey you - pink floyd you should be hear

I hope you have figured it out by now. Nothing to do with sex.

Is it weird that I weep a bit every time I hear this song?

Some folks think it’s use of (a) complex tool that seperates man from ape, but I say understanding Allegory and abstract analog sperates human from man.