Therapist reacts to Stinkfist by Tool

Tool is about metaphors in alót of their music, non fans, won’t get it because they don’t follow them and know the flip side of the band and it’s relevance in the Tool world in which I choose to live.This band is not only ahead of the pack they reside in metaphors,so if your looking to anyone for the meaning ,Joe Rogan knows ! And the pot? It’s about his manager who was a real dick … Trust me on that one … Tool is above the bar … don’t look for easy meanings there is none like A Perfect Circle, the whole album 13th step was related to A. A. And completed the album live by doing each song in the way it should be heard. It’s about the 13th step which is no relationship while in your first year of A. A. Because your still in baby steps… And it’s shunned upon .

I love that in tool you can often here multiple meanings depending on what you think about while hearing it.
two posibilitys here would be social media adiction or Fisting…

also for Schism you could go with a bad relationship or the assembly of an Ikea shelf…

Good stuff…

Too much thought, just enjoy this kick ass music

That moment when you realize the song is about both concepts at the same time and it totally works and you’re like :exploding_head: Maynard is a lyrical genius. Tool are just so so good.

“Tool is a special band” yeah, that’s just the start of it. tool is amazing. I had the pleasure of working with Alex and Allyson Gray for a while too, truly mind opening… awakening.

“Show me that you live me and that we belong together” tool songs, always seem to have more than just one meaning, and that verse is a common tactic used in a very manipulative and toxic relationship so someone is trying to force you to do something that you don’t like in order to show them that you love them and it’s a relationship you need to get out of Because they will never get enough keep pushing and pushing, and your sacrifice for them will never be good enough

The Baron Vladimir Harkonnen.

The crazy thing about tool and their song writing, the song could have a deeper meaning or it’s all about the topic of fisting

You don’t like it and can’t help it butwhen shit gets deep the stinkfist is a man pulling you through the shit.

I’m sorry im sure you had got your learn on but if men scare you with displaying scary emotions then your not ready yet… Really scary men will fuck your day up.

As an addict, i am never really looking for any specific ‘thing.’ I am always looking to change the way i feel now. If i feel good, i want to feel better. Then from better to best. But as Alan Watts points out, an increase in one degree has a change in the similiar degree on the flip side. If i go on a 2 week relapse run, it always increases my pain on the other side.

So now, the challenge is to be ok being uncomfortable. As an addict, i hate it.