Therapist Reacts to Sugar by System of a Down

This is my favorite system of a down song. Fuck the news industry and any industry really that just prioritizes profit.

My fav SOAD song by a street !

You should react to metabolic by Slipknot it has a lot of metal meaning

You should do DOWN IN A HOLE or ROOSTER by ALICE IN CHAINS. It’s a very strong song. I struggled a lot like Layne Staley did and I relate with all of his lyrics. I love what you do and I listen to you daily. Side note im in my 8th year of my sobriety and I’ve never struggled more then I am now and I have more then I ever thought I’d have. Makes no sense. Feel like I’m in a hole.

Hey! You could react to “Carry On” by Shaman (the live version PLEASE), it’s an incridible song and i’m 100% sure you’ll enjoy it!

Aspertame kills…

Have you heard of The Red Clay Strays? I think their music would be perfect for this channel.

bring me the horizon - hospital for souls

Check American football LP1 album, and Have heart - songs to scream at the sun, you welcome.

Welcome to the SOAD experience! This was my first album as a teen!

I actually never watch the news it doesn’t matter to me at all meh

Your face at 5:38 is how I have always felt about this song. I love it but yet have a hard time understanding what is going on. lol.

You should do War? by System but the “live semi” version so good

Metal Gear Solid 2 lol…

Half the reason we love system is cause of the sound and the other half is cause they talk about the big sh!t but while we’re reading between the lines, you’re reading between the lines that are between the lines and teaching us stuff! You’re doing us a great service out here :facepunch:

Check out Egobrain

RAWrrr…self-titled album are B@D@$$ , I’m not sugarcoating it IMHO :sunglasses::+1:t3:

I love your reaction, your masterful facial expressions prove that, even 30 years later, SOAD blows minds! They hit the nail on the head!

Please listen 515 and then iowa the 15 minutes song from slipknot its also long as korn daddy

Lol Sugar is a drug. One of the most addictive. That’s why they get us hooked when we are young. They’ve always used addictive substances to control people, and sugar is addictive enough and doesn’t have any psychotropic effects so is perfect for keeping a workforce under control and still capable.

self therapy ❤‍🔥…