Therapist Reacts to The Grudge by Tool

Did I listen to Tool because I needed therapy? Or did I need therapy because I listened to Tool? A little theft from High Fidelity. A wonderful music snob/romantic comedy…… and apparently a book……you’re welcome

She should also checkbout APC. The 13th Step is written all about addiction. Songs are written from different perspectives from someone on the outside looking in to the drug itself calling to the user

Gotta do Pushit and Jimmy. As a psych, you’ll definitely like the Jungian references

Picked every unforgivable place to pause in this song :woman_facepalming:t3:
Always rewind 10 seconds on a Tool song. You ruin so many pertinent moments by breaking the momentum

You helped me comprehend TOOL deeper than ever before… for real. You are a very sharp girl. Articulate and observant. I’m subbed after watching 3 of your TOOL videos. Also, your message at the end is very moving. To those of you hesitant to ask for help, just ask. It’s worth it. I asked a friend for help recently after being in deep, and it provided the sense of normalcy I needed to think clearly about what to try next. Please, don’t wait to ask anymore. Your life is waiting, but not forever.

i feel like the song from tool right in two would be a excellent song for you to analize :slight_smile: great reaction again

Recently divorced, with a partner for 19 years, that was silent about resentment and grudge of appreciation. but never spoke to her needs. bottled up fear of communication and vulnerability, and Trauma. she would never speak of the hurt ever even when deep diving into childhood. vulnerability is a choice and is difficult to share. where do we start even as separated parents to repair the harm?

I’d like to suggest you read The Greatness Of Saturn by Dr. Robert Svoboda. One of the best books I’ve ever read. Very psychological in nature and Saturn represents the crushing brutality of the teacher who holds you ABSOLUTELY responsible, as Saturn does in this book. If you’re holding a grudge, Saturn will destroy your whole life to show you why you should NOT do that. And until you let it go, you will be taught the hardest lesson EVER.

I’ve always loved Tool but I’m so thankful for this particular reaction and break down. I made a choice not to live with a grudge and let it control me years ago and I think it’s made all the difference in my life. This song perfectly encapsulates that, and your break down just brought to life the true meaning of the song and message for me, and for that, thank you.

Please do Right In Two by Tool.

"GRUDGE’ another word for “RESENTMENT” is the number one offender. Do your 4th & 5th step.

You don’t have to forgive. You don’t have to forget. You cannot continue to fixate.
Not if you want to remain yourself. If who you are not, if who you were, or what you had is more important to you than who you are, you are no longer yourself.

Where is the line between a healthy and unhealthy grudge. If wronged by someone and you lose trust in them, thats holding a grudge, but its also a realistic assessment of the situation. Is it levels of animosity or something completely different? Multiple things immediately come to mind where i hold a grudge and it would be foolish not to. Im not sure if im caught on semantics here.

I really enjoy your breakdown of Tool songs. Just about the entirety of the band’s discography is loaded with deeply meaningful and insightful compositions.
H would be a great song to do next!

Have you become a Tool fan after listening to them?

Have you ever reacted to Godsmack or Seether?